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Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Spotlight: Elaine Hopper

My husband gave me a Droid for my birthday a couple weeks ago and I’m thrilled with my new toy. I’ve hardly put it down, much to my children’s’ dismay as they want to play with it, too. 

When I was a kid, all phones had rotary dials and plugged into the wall. I was a teenager before phones came out in pretty colors and I got a sunny yellow one to compliment the fuchsia walls of my bedroom. 

I loved how George and Jane Jetson always spoke to each other on TV phones. A few years later, I was intrigued by how the Star Trek universe had e-reader type devices (before I knew what to call them) for reading books and letters.
I thought it would be so cool if I could have those types of devices and wondered if they would ever be developed and if so, during my lifetime.
Thus, when eBooks and eBook readers came on the scene, I jumped for joy. I was confused and dismayed when so many other people not only rejected but criticized them.
I’m glad to see that they’re becoming popular. People I know in real life, not just in the cyber world, have, use, and love eReaders now. Most of the people I know who don’t have one, want one.
My Droid is awesome. I have a phone, camera, pedometer, flashlight, MP3 player, internet, calorie counter, and a Kindle app with books all in one small, handy device. Last night I read a book using only one hand, even to turn the pages. I could read it easily as I had adjusted the font to a larger than normal size. Awesome!
If you don’t have an electronic device to read books, check them out. I’m willing to bet, given a chance, you’ll like them, too.

Elaine Hopper writes sweet and paranormal romances. Currently a customer service manager for a charity that serves the poorest of the poor of the Caribbean and Latin America and of course romance writer, she's also served in the United States Air Force and worked as a Cost Pricing Analyst. Although she hasn't made it into outer space - yet- she marched and twirled flags throughout the south including New Orleans and Biloxi with the AF Drum and Bugle Corps.
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