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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday Spotlight: Amy Corwin

What We Want

Why is it that we always want what we can’t have?

Is it the challenge? The excitement of something new and different? Or perhaps the excitement from the forbidden, the evil, the bad that calls to all of us and causes the heart to flutter and adrenalin to flow.

Or could it be that most of us have a slight inferiority complex that makes us believe that anything we can get—or anyone who wants us—must also be inferior? 

There could be hundreds of reasons, and nearly all of them are true to some degree.

And certainly, it is one of the reasons that compels the heroine of Vampire Protector, Gwen, to ask her next door neighbor for a date, even when she suspects he’s a vampire. You see, Gwen has a problem that makes her rather allergic to vampires, but she’s still drawn to him. He’s the forbidden fruit. And possibly the one man who could protect her when she decides to go back to her childhood home.

Book: Vampire Protector
Vampire Protector Trailer
Author: Amy Corwin
Author’s website:
Published: Nov 12, 2010, (e-book/paperback: Nov 12, 2010)
Publisher Line: Black Rose
The Wild Rose Press


Excerpt from Vampire Protector

In this excerpt, Gwen has asked John to accompany her to her deserted family home, despite knowing that he’s a vampire. At least he might be able to protect her from other things that go bump in the night. Maybe…

She glanced away, focusing on her smeared and dirty windshield, trying to remember Theresa’s warning about vampires. And yet she couldn’t seem to help herself. John Wright seemed designed to touch all of her weakest spots. And most of all, he made her feel safe. An illusion, but compelling nonetheless.

She took a deep breath to clear her mind. She should know better after all her unsuccessful and often dramatically misguided relationships. But rough-looking tough guys tugged at her senses like the moon pulling the tide. They didn’t want families or a steady relationship, and they were inclined to call at odd hours of the night from bad places.

Despite knowing this, a casual, amused glance never failed to send her pulse racing.

And it was hard to kill the buzz of attraction, now, even with the knowledge that he might be a vampire.

He stared back at her, searching her face with a questioning gaze.

She blushed and cast fast, sidelong glances at him, wishing she didn’t feel like a naughty schoolgirl planning to seduce her teacher.

“Miss Carter?” he asked as if they were standing in a ballroom filled with other women and he feared she might be the wrong one. His deep voice held just the slightest trace of a British accent.

“Mr. Wright.” She nodded, unsure how to ask him out on a date. It wasn’t something she routinely did.

When he smiled, she had to suppress a nervous giggle. He ought to have a more romantic, exotic name than John Wright if he really was a vampire.

Something charming like Vlad the Impaler.


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Sherry Gloag said...

"But rough-looking tough guys tugged at her senses like the moon pulling the tide."
I just love this line! :-)