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Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Spotlight: Solstice Publishing

The Witches Of Snow Hollow Series. All three books in one.

The Witches Of Snow Hollow Book One: Jenna's Story

Jenna is six when her parents die in a tragic car crash leaving her and her two sisters orphans. With no one to care for them they move in with their grandmother in the town of Snow Hollow where more than just a normal life awaits them. Jenna soon discovers that she is not like other girls, a fact she's felt since birth. When her grandmother finally reveals her secret Jenna is blown away by not only the fact that she's a witch, but that she is THE witch. The Ultimate One who controls the powers of the coven.
After her grandmother's death when she turned 26 Jenna finds out another secret. She is the only one left to protect her home from the evil demons wanting to steal her world away from her.
When Jenna meets Jacob, her sexy warlock protector, the sparks fly from day one. She is determined to protect her family her way, but will it be enough? She will need Jacob, but will their passion for one another be enough to save their world as they know it and keep her sisters safe?

The Witches of Snow Hollow Book Two: Jamie's Story

The Story of the Addison witches continue in The Witches Of Snow Hollow Book Two: Jamie's Story

Jamie Addison returns to Snow Hollow to ask her sister, Jenna, for her blessing to marry the man she loves, Danny. When she gets there she finds out that she has been under a love spell the entire time and that Danny has also put a bind on her powers. Danny has been after the Addison house all along and plans to kill the sisters.

Jenna and her husband ,Jacob, vow to protect her. Jacob calls his cousin, Drake, over to protect her while the four of them plan their attack on Danny. The only way for Jamie to get her powers back is for them to kill the demon that put the spell on her.

Drake never leaves Jamie's side while it's his job to protect her. In the process of protecting her he falls in love with her. Jamie is torn between if her feelings for him are true of if it is a side effect of the spell that has been put on her.

Will Jamie's family be able to protect her or will the demon win?

 The Witches Of Snow Hollow Book Three: Jackie's Story

The story of the Addison witches continues with Jackie Addison. Jackie falls in love with a vampire named Ricky  and plans to take him to Snow Hollow to help fight the long awaited lunar eclipse battle. She knows that she has to get the blessing of her sister Jenna before the relationship can blossom. This is going to be a very difficult task to compete since her sister Jamie fell in love with a demon who tried to kill her. How was Jackie going to convince Jenna that Ricky was different? She knew he loved her for real and would never hurt her.

Ricky may be a vampire but he is different. He fights demons night after night side by side with Jackie. He fights demons with her but can he help protect the Addison house during the most important battle of their year? Can he win Jenna's trust so that he can be with Jackie? Will the Addison witches win this fight?

Lizzy Stevens Bio:

My name is Melissa Miller and I'm a published author. Let  me tell you a little bit about me.I'm married and I am the mother of two wonderful boys. In my spare time I enjoy writing. I've written several books that you will learn all about here.

I also write under the pen name Lizzy Stevens. Those books are The Witches of Snow Hollow book one Jenna's Story, The Witches of Snow Hollow Book Two: Jamie's Story,  and The Witches Of Snow Hollow Book Three: Jackie's Story.  Also Haunted by her Past.

You can find all of my books at Solstice Publishing.

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LeslieJane said...

This soulnds like a great series. Will definitely have to put it on my TBR list, and buy when I get a job and actually have money coming in.