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Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Spotlight: Melissa Miller

Hello, My name is Melissa Miller, and I'm  the owner of Solstice Publishing. I've been writing for several  years and recently decided to challenge myself. I created my  pen name “Lizzy Stevens” and wrote my Snow Hollow Series. “Secrets Of Snow Hollow”is “The Witches Of Snow Hollow” minus any inappropriate paragraphs.  I  decided to make it a little more young adult friendly.  :) It's a great series, and I  thought teens would love it. So a few deleted scenes later and “Secrets Of Snow Hollow” was created.

I'm  married to a wonderful man and I'm the mother of two great boys. Both of my boys have asthma, and that is a very scary thing to deal with. My boys are getting older now, and I'm hoping they will out grow some of it. They are 6 and 9 and my pride and joy :)

People always want to know, “How do you find time to write?” I have a full schedule. I work full time and have an awesome family. Finding time to write just seems to happen. The day to day schedule just works its way out. It's mainly the weekends when writing gets to take the front burner. My family is very understanding and they give me some quiet time to sit at my computer and write. My boys will come up to me and say, “Are you working on a book?” They are proud of my writing. One day my oldest boy came home and told me that his teacher asked him who his favorite author was and he said, “My Mom.” I thought I would cry. :)

I enjoy writing, but I'm used to sitting down at my computer and getting up and getting snacks for the kids and drinks and reading a question on the DS for my 6 year old. As a mother you just find a way to work it out. :)

My advice to anyone wanting to be an author would be write because you love to write. Don't do it because you think you will be a millionaire if you write your first book. Maybe that could happen :), but do because it's your passion and you love it.

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Bill Kirton said...

Kids know how to get under your defences, don't they? Good advice Melissa about write because you want to, not because you want to be rish or famous. I was reading somewhere else recently about the difference between writers and wannabes - writers write, wannabes talk about writing.