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Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Spotlight: Amy Corwin

The Paranormal In Our Lives

First, I’d like to express my thanks to be at Long and Short Reviews and have the opportunity to write this blog. It’s a privilege and I’m grateful.

I’m here to celebrate the publication of my first paranormal romance, Vampire Protector, published by The Wild Rose Press. My previous books are historical romances/mysteries, and while my newest book is a contemporary paranormal, it continues my interest in history and mysteries. When you are writing about long-lived entities such as vampires, it’s inevitable that historical elements will creep in, so perhaps it’s not too outrageous that I should find my interest in the past leading to the paranormal genre.

As a reader and writer, I’ve always been interested in paranormal/horror. In fact, some of my favorite authors include Shirley Jackson—The Haunting of Hill House, Barbara Michaels—Ammie Come Home, and Stephen King—The Shining. But in most scary books, there was always something lacking, from my perspective, and that was: the romance. Some of Barbara Michaels’s books included a romance, which made them just about perfect. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when other authors started writing books that combined both paranormal elements and romance! Heaven at last!

And our love affair with the paranormal isn’t all that difficult to explain. We all need a touch of mystery in our lives—and perhaps a way to explain that icy sensation shivering down our spine when we walk through the woods at night. Night terrors. Inexplicable events. To a large degree, I believe that’s why the paranormal fascinates us—it allows us to give a name—and perhaps understand and control, that feeling of dread we get when we jerk up in bed, heart pounding, in the middle of the night. Was it something real or a figment of our imagination? A dream or reality? Or…both?

Can science account for everything? Or is there an unseen world around us that we’ve chosen to ignore? 

Or…do we need to have an unseen world around us, regardless of the scientific evidence to the contrary, because of our very human, deep-seated need for…mystery? Perhaps we ache for something bigger, badder, and more mysterious than the mundane world we see every day when the alarm clock goes off and we slog our way through our commute to our grinding, mind-numbing jobs.

The more controlled, logical, and explained the world becomes, the more we need that feeling of the mysterious hovering out there at the very edge of our senses.

So…speaking of the mysterious, here is a short excerpt from Vampire Protector where Gwen, the heroine, feels the presence of tatters—ghosts trapped within the walls of her childhood home.

Book: Vampire Protector
Vampire Protector Trailer
Author: Amy Corwin
Author’s website:
Published: Nov 12, 2010, (e-book/paperback: Nov 12, 2010)
Publisher Line: Black Rose
The Wild Rose Press

Excerpt from Vampire Protector

In this excerpt, Gwen is visiting her abandoned childhood home in the company of her next door neighbor, John Write, who may be a vampire.

“The moon has already risen.” A cold swirl of air brushed the back of Gwen’s neck. Shivering, she rubbed her nape, glancing around.

Only the two of them stood in the 1950s-style living room. The shadows were empty. Nothing stirred and yet…

“What’s wrong?” John asked.

“Nothing. Let’s get going,” she replied, thinking about the graveyard next door.

All those professional groundskeepers riding around on their efficient lawn tractors, sucking up the spirit remnants of the dead, shredding them, and spewing them out. The workmen unknowingly created ghosts that drifted on every errant breeze and collected in the comforting solidity of her deserted stone house.

Remnants and tatters of lost souls.

John held out a hand to her. She ignored him and walked forward into the gloom. Involuntarily, her gaze brushed past the central stairway to the rooms on her left. The dining room lay in that direction and beyond that, the kitchen.

Cool air brushed her cheeks like a caress.

The dining room held only tatters and unwanted memories. She could feel the warmth slipping away from her, leaving her lethargic and unable to focus.

Just like the mockingbird on the porch. Too drained to escape in time.

But the present faded as she stared into the dining room, transfixed. The sound of Patsy Cline drifted through the air, the singer’s voice overlaid with the pops and scratches of her mother’s much played record.

Peaches, have you finished setting the table for dinner?” her mother’s lilting voice called, memories flaring more brightly than the shadowed present.

Through the arched doorway, she could see the big maple table in the center of the dining room.  Long, white curtains with yellow ruffles hung dejectedly from the metal valances. Gray streamers of spider webs drifted down from the hems of the curtains, swaying on errant drafts.

The memories focused sharply, scrubbing away the dust and cobwebs.

She was twelve again. Through the dining room’s wide archway, the kitchen glowed with light and heat.

Amy Corwin

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Sherry Gloag said...

Amy, I loved your rexcerpt, and agree that the paranormal creates a fascination within us. Some ascknowledge it, others don't.
Your book sounds fascinating.