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Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Spotlight: Solstice Publishing

When Cathy loses her husband in a tragic plane crash, her younger sister Cassie doesn't think twice about leaving her glamorous job in New York City to be there for her sister and her three young daughters. Having lost their own father at an early age, Cassie knows what her nieces are going through.

After four years Cathy finally realizes she is going to have to pull herself out of her depression, not only for her children's sake, but for her own sanity; she has to face the fact that her husband is gone and she will have to raise her daughters without a father. Imagine the shock she experiences when while on a family vacation to Disney World, she walks out of the restroom to run face to face into Daniel, the man she thought was dead and finds out that he's been living with another woman and has two sons by her. Will Cathy forgive the heartbreak he has caused her and her family and take him back? Will Daniel go back to Cathy and his 3 daughters or will he stay with his new family?

A little about Mary

I was born in Athens, Tennessee, but spent a big part of my childhood in Detroit, Michigan. At the age of 13, I moved back to Tennessee and attended high school in Etowah. I am a born again Christian and God has blessed me with 3 wonderful children and 5 beautiful grandchildren, with whom I like spending my spare time... however, being a writer doesn't give me much of that. LOL! 

I graduated Godsey's Beauty College and worked as a hairdresser until March of 1992, at that time I closed down my beauty shop and started my career in Glamour Photography. I also have an associates degree in business and am a graduate of CSCC and Branell College. 

Last year I semi-retired and now only work 3 days a week. The rest of the time you'll find me at my laptop, pounding out an exciting new romance novel. That is...when my grandkids aren't around...they want all of my attention. I can understand why they are called "Grand" Children.

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