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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Spotlight: Jennifer Crusie

New York Times Bestselling author, Jennifer Crusie is with us this week to celebrate the release of her latest solo novel, "Maybe This Time".

Jenny, we’re thrilled to see a solo book released by you. It’s been a long time – far too long! Did you find that you really loved collaborating with other authors? Is that why you didn’t write solo for so many years? And how did it feel to be the only one writing “Maybe This Time” (I don’t count the voices in your head)? Which do you prefer (collaborating or solo) and why?

I loved collaborating which was a good thing because I couldn't write by myself; menopause did something to my brain. Five years later, the brain is back and I can write solo again. I'll still collaborate, but I'll be doing mostly solos from now on. I know what the next six will be, so that'll take me awhile. As for which do I prefer, there are strengths and weaknesses to both, so I want to keep doing both.

That's good to hear! Any new collaborations coming up that you’d like to share with us? What about another solo book? What new Jennifer Crusie fiction piece is next on the horizon?

Next collaboration which is still in the talking-about phase is Fairy Tale Lies with Anne Stuart and Lucy March (aka Lani Diane Rich). It's what happens after the happily ever after to Rapunzel (Lucy's part of the story), Cinderella (Anne's part of the story) and Red Riding Hood (my part of the story). I've got another collab going with a good friend, but it's a fun book, and we work on it when we get around to it, so it'll be awhile on that one.

New solo fiction coming up: Four Liz Danger mystery novels-- Lavender's Blue, Rest in Pink, Peaches and Screams, and Yellow Brick Roadkill--that when read together form one hellacious romance novel. That is, they each stand alone, but if you read them in order, you get a romance novel, too. The Liz books are in first person, so that's new for me.

After that, I'm writing Haunting Alice, a book about Alice from Maybe This Time at 30, and Stealing Nadine, a book about Nadine from Faking It at 30. The two books take place at the same time and their stories overlap, so one is playing out in the background of the other, and some scenes are in both books, just done from different points of view (which makes them completely different scenes).

That sounds awesome -- we can't wait to read them!


Maureen said...

I'm glad too that Jennifer Crusie is writing solo again and I am looking forward to reading her new books.
mce1011 AT aol DOT com

niblernikki said...

I am huge Jennifer Cruise fan. I enjoy all her books but especially happy she is writing solo again. Join her Facebook page it is great.

robynl said...

so nice that you are writing alone again; keep on writing any way though