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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Spotlight: Michael Davis

So ya want to know the big guy on a personal level, do ya?

I’m often asked during interviews, what makes you tick, makes you a unique person, and how does that flow into your writing. Ok, you want the juicy stuff? Well, seeing it’s just you and me, and we’re both good at holding secrets, I’ll share.

1. What’d you do before writing? - I worked as an Aerospace engineer, an Operations research analyst and an applied mathematician for the Army, Navy, and intel community.

2. Who are the pillars of your world? - My wife is unbelievable. Never complains about the time I spend in the backroom. My two sons (both who write fiction) have contributed so many great insights. And then, of course, there is my angel, Emma (my one and only grand daughter).

3. What do you do when not writing? - Work my farm, walk the woods, fish, listen to country music and soft jazz

4. What are your favorite quotes or parables? - Serenity prayer, Man in the Arena, "Badges, we don't need no stinking badges", “A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have” (Thomas Jefferson). “People never lie so much as before an election, during a war, or after a hunt” (Von Bismark)

5. What got you into writing fiction? - I started thinking about writing fiction in the eleventh grade after I submitted a SF story to an English assignment and I got so many interesting comments from the students, the teacher, but especially the young teenage girls (Hey, my hormones were raging. Getting noticed by beautiful females with ponytails and those really nice curves got to me).

6. Did you ever consider quitting? – Four years ago I stated that if I didn't make it within two years, I'd quit (very naive of me). It was about 2 weeks before my deadline when I got my first acceptance. I learned later that many wait 4 or 5 years to get published, so it can take a long time.

7. What should men understand about women? Lord, I wish we understood anything. I've continued to expand my appreciation and adornment for women, but I doubt I know what makes these beautiful complicated creatures function (don't get me started), and why we men love them so damn much (I mean beside the top and bottom of course). About once every year or so, I have an epiphany that opens up one of the confusing elements about women (their vulnerabilities, their communication differences, why God gave them control of the sex baton, etc). I figure that on the day I pass from this world, maybe I’ll know about 10%.

8. What makes you, as a guy, able to write romance? - First, I don’t do pure romance. Got no problem with it, but to me, contemporary romance is more about the ”romance process” than the way I approach amore. Not sure whether it’s the fact that I personally am a softy, or it’s a guy thing but from my perspective, romance (aka love) is about the bond between a man and a woman and how it provides strength to overcome adversity and the demons of our world. How do I combine romance into a suspenseful storyline where, by the end of the novel, as chills inch up the valley of a readers back, they proclaim, “Lord, I never saw that coming?” I think it’s part of being an analytical modeler (in my prior life). To quantify how complicated systems behave, I would view the world as a complex network of interconnected things that have to be linked and correlated. No, my stories are not egg headed. Its just I start off with a theme, then create an upside down tree of how all the scenes and surprises fit together so I provide just a whisper (not a scream) of what’s coming. There’s also my age. In my view, there is no way I could of put the emotions into a story that I try to do now when I was 20 or 30. I just did not understand the human condition and the individual demons we all carry till I hit about 45. Plus, now in my fifth decade of adult life, I've experienced so much, seen so many people struggling, my appreciation of what we all go through, and the wonder of our existence expands exponentially each year now.

Did that wet your appetite? Sorry, have to stop; they limit my space and I can chat all day long. Till next time.

Michael Davis (

Author of the Year, (2008 and 2009)


Angelica Hart and Zi said...

So, you ripped away the mask and let us see the real you! Hey, not frightening at all. Seriously, it was great getting to know the man behind the stories, all of which are great stories.

Anonymous said...

Your such sweeties, yeah that includes you too ZI.

Big Mike

Linda Kage said...

The Blazing Saddles quote is one of my husband's favorites!! He likes that movie and Smokey and the Bandit. Quotes them all the time.

It was nice to see a little of your background.

Jude Johnson said...

Loved your definition of romance, Mike. It is the journey of connection that fascinates, I agree.
Just remember to always have a ****load of dimes handy for those unexpected tollbooths. ;-)
Nice post!

Ashley J. Barnard said...

I've always appreciated your affectionate banter with us girls. And it's always wonderful to hear a man talk about how much he loves women, and refreshing too that there are men out there not afraid of adding a little romance to their stories.