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Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Spotlight: Michael Davis

Story behind the story VEIL OF DECEPTION

Sometimes, the story behind how a novel came about can be as interesting as the story itself. Here's an explanation for how our new release, VEIL OF DECEPTION, was born and its connection on a personal level. It is a collaborative effort between a male and female author to foster realism between hero/heroine interactions and their gender slanted point of view

Often when I write, my sleep becomes disrupted by ideas for new stories. On one brisk early morning, I arose and watched from my deck as a palette of crimson and blue colors embraced the sky and reflected against the lake. The predawn mist that frequents the surface on chilly mornings quickly blanketed the cove and partially obscured the shoreline. The vapor cloud that welcomes the sunrise offered an eerie ballet while it swirled and danced to a solitary spectator, me. As I sipped my third cup of coffee, the ghostly figures and sprites disappeared into the forest canopy and I caught the outline of several new visitors headed toward my dock. The string of serene images flooded my thoughts as I studied a brood of freshly hatched ducklings following in single file behind their parents.

The serenade of a mourning dove enticing his mate in the cedar tree to my right was interrupted by a radio across the cove. The blaring news report reminded me of a horrifying mystery still haunting the community near where I live. My peaceful thoughts became corrupted by visions of evil things that wait just outside our civilized world for the chance to reach out and destroy the innocent. At that instant, there was a splash. I turned and where there had been five sets of small paddling feet, now there were only four. Nature, with all her exacting reality, had taken a life from an unsuspecting family to feed the blind hunger of one of her beasts.

The parallel between what I’d heard on the radio and what was unfolding in the cove electrified my muse. The juices began to flow for a new novel, one based on the hidden dangers all around us, but it had to be anchored in truth and blended with a romantic core. Then it hit me. Sometimes deception is the match that burns love to a cinder. Whether it’s an attempt to deceive our mate, or a lie to fool ourselves, deception only fosters pain. In the same way, evil deeds are generally carried out through a VEIL OF DECEPTION, and the plot for a gut-wrenching romantic suspense was born.

I discussed the opportunity to collaborate with an author friend, Candace Morehouse. Our intent was to achieve realism by blending both gender views. Was the collaboration successful? Why not come on over to, read a few excerpts/reviews, and you be the judge. There is also a narrated video that provides images taken from where the story was created. And, as all the early reviews have noted, if you think you know where the story is headed, boy, are you in for a surprise. Like a little blurb to peak some interest?

Something suspicious is happening at Spenser Lake. People are disappearing and their bodies never found. The fear and uncertainty affect the tranquil community, but especially Kurt Hawkins. The guilt that he was responsible for his wife’s loss precludes any normalcy in his life until he meets Danielle Gillette, a reclusive author with skeletons of her own. When the mystery to the disappearances is revealed, they discover sometimes truth cuts deeper than a lie.


Linda Kage said...

What an interesting backstory to where the idea of your story came from. Beauty and horror; that's nature in all it's glory, huh?

And I love the name for the hero. I'm married to a Kurt!

Sherry Gloag said...

I love your writing style, and felt I was sitting on the same decking with you.
Always interested to discover the 'story behind the story'. Thanks for sharing.