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Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Spotlight: Wendi Zwaduk

Everybody Has a Dream...

So you want to know how I got from mindless, aimless wandering to published author. Well, you aren’t the first to wonder; heck, I still have to pinch myself occasionally. I mean, who knew this kid from the middle of Ohio farmland could write a book people wanted to read?

Not me.

I titled this essay Everybody Has a Dream for multiple reasons.

First? I like Billy Joel.

This is one of his more obscure tunes, but it comes off an album that’s my vintage. Even from a young age, I was schooled in the melodies of the Piano Man. It seemed natural to translate his tendency for description in verse to my written word. No, I haven’t taken one of his songs and made a short story out of it (it’s a thought), but I took what I learned from him—world build a whole scene in a short period of time to draw the reader in—and used it for my work.

Second? It’s true. Doesn’t matter who you are, or how jaded you’ve become, everyone has a dream. What was mine? Strangely enough, not to be a writer, but to sing. Now, if you happen to hear me vocalize, I have a very low singing voice. Mariah Carey, I ain’t. But I had this dream to be on some major venue stage belting out a song—who knows whose song—and having a blast. As I got into high school and realized maybe I wasn’t the vocal virtuoso I’d envisioned, I decided I would be...ta da! Not a writer, but a teacher. History teacher. I love facts. Love learning about times I would never be able to live in. But standing up in front of a group of people my age? Yeah, not gonna happen because my nerves couldn’t take it. I didn’t turn to writing as a last resort. That’s the funny part. I’ve always had the ideas in my head, it just took a gentle nudge or two and a bit of healthy aggravating to sit down and put thoughts to paper.

Third? Oh, you didn’t think there was a third reason? Ah, but you’ve never heard me talk. I could talk for hours if I’m comfortable. So the third reason? That’s the easy one. Everyone has a dream for their version of happy ever after. I’m not saying the husband, two-point-five kids, dog, and four bedroom house is in the cards for everyone. I’m saying that there is a zenith we want in our own way. We all have the dream of achieving said HEA. I didn’t dream of writing happily ever afters, but I sure did imagine what it might be like (I’m officially dating myself again) to marry Jordan Knight from the New Kids on the Block. It had nothing to do with fame or fortune. Nope. I thought he was a hunk. So I would wonder what my life would be like had I been able to meet him and woo him. Then again, you have to realize I am rather naïve. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt farther than most would. I have no idea other than seeing him on TV what the guy would’ve been like. What I’ve seen now—he’s a bit of a narcissist and a jerk. But if I can take the qualities of him that I like—his looks, back in the day—and superimpose them onto a character and let said character run loose in my head... then I’ve got that dream. I’ve got that HEA for someone with the version of the hunk I’d envisioned and everyone is happy.

S’alright? S’alright.

I’m living out my dream in more ways than one and loving every minute of it. So don’t snuff out the dreams you hold dear. You never know when circumstances will arise that they could come true.

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cheryl c said...

I have always liked these quotes about dreams:

"I don't dream at night, I dream all day; I dream for a living."
Steven Spielberg

"The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams."
Eleanor Roosevelt