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Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Spotlight: Michael Davis

How much heat is too much?

I know that men and women view the sexual elements in life differently. Yes, we are more visual; do like to see skin, bumps, curves, etc. Yet, on a personal level, I find it difficult to home in on the right level of heat in my novels, especially when I first started writing suspense/thrillers with a romantic core. Why? Well, It’s hard to offend the taste of men. Oh, there are some reserved guys, but if they were honest, most like it juicy and hot. But with women, the spectrum of taste and visual images is quite broad. Before I started “trying” to write romantic scenes, I discussed this topic with dozens of female friends. Their preferences were all over the place in terms of how much detail, how explicit, how juicy. It varied significant by age grouping, but even within age groups, there was significant variance. That makes it hard, as a male writing primarily for a female audience, to decide how do you choice the right blend. I’ve even encountered this in the editing process (some want more explicit details).

What did I do? I decided that I would go as far as I was comfortable with either my sister or wife reading. Did it work? I think so. You know what’s happening, it does “move ya”, but in a slightly more appreciative sense for the act versus the erotic side. Funny thing happened on the way to writing my recent release, which is a collaboration between myself and a female author that centers on the romance genre. I didn’t want the H/H to “do the deed” until two-thirds through the story because of the shadows the hero was carrying inside. Even chapter where I wrote the male POV, she would query me first, “Can they do it, now? How about this chapter?, Okay, then what about this one?” Finally she got so frustrated (she is a vixen) she did something in one of her sections that, as a man, I could not ignore, and the pact was signed. Later I asked, “How the hell did you come up with that?” Her reply, “I was so frustrated, I just figured what the hell could I do to light your damn fire.” And it worked.

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