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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday Spotlight: Ginger Simpson

Interview with Cecile from Prairie Peace:

Today we have a special guest, Cecile Palmer Williams, the heroine from Prairie Peace by author Ginger Simpson.

Welcome Cecile. It’s nice to have you with us. I have some questions to ask for our guests about your role in this exciting western historical romance, so let's dig right in.

HOST: How in the world did you ever convince your rigid father to allow you to marry a virtual stranger?

CECILE: *Squaring in her chair* You have to remember that back in the olden days, women married young, and sometimes even without the benefit of knowing their groom. Mail order brides were common so I think my father considered that, by some standards, I was well past marrying age and could make my own decisions. Walt simply swept me off my feet and I would have gone anywhere with him. *She smiles with a cocked head*

HOST: I read with great interest how you perceived your new ‘home’. That must have been a terrible revelation.

CECILE: *Swipes hand across her brow* Oh, you have no idea. Walt had described the perfect setting; he just failed to tell me that he hadn’t yet built a suitable home. My skin was gray from dirt for days… trying to sweep that horrid shack with half a broom that someone left behind. And to be perfectly honest… I didn’t know a thing about keeping house. I guess some might say I was spoiled by my parents. *smile*

HOST: I’ll bet you were scared to death when Walt left you alone while he traveled for winter supplies. How did you handle the fear?

CECILE: It wasn’t easy. *Runs a hand through her long hair*. I never realized how many noises there are once the sun goes down. I just prayed that the lock on that old weathered door worked good enough to keep me safe. God knows, I knew nothing about using a weapon. I think if I hadn’t been so exhausted from all the chores everyday, I would have had trouble sleeping. I got used to it after a few nights, but I still didn’t like it.

HOST: The book couldn’t possibly have captured the terror you experienced when Lone Eagle collapsed in front of you. Tell us how that felt.

CECILE: My heart leapt clear up here *clasping throat*. You understand, I’d never seen an Indian before and I expected to look up into the face of my beloved husband. I thought for sure I was going to die, but Lone Eagle fell in a heap at my feet. Lordy, my heart raced... all those stories I'd heard about scalping and such.

HOST: So, of course, being a good person, you did the right thing and nursed him back to health…

CECILE: Of course. I don’t think I could have lived with myself if I’d just let him die. In the end it turned out well for me, but I don’t want to divulge too much to those who haven’t read Prairie Peace.

HOST: You’re so right. That’s not a good idea.

CECILE: I can say that the life saving was mutual. *giggles*

HOST: So without asking questions that reveal the outcome to the readers, I’ll just inquire what life was like in 1867.

CECILE: Oh goodness. *shuddering*. There was a wagon load of difference between my life in Silver City and moving to the prairie with Walt. In town, we bought everything we needed from the mercantile. Mother baked once in a while and cooked delicious meals, but we never had to put up our own vegetables. I was flabbergasted when Walt talked about the garden and the tomatoes, corn and other things we’d grow. I sure never expected that I’d be outside hammering nails in a dilapidated old barn, let alone milking a cow. I think the most frightening experience at first was that darned rooster. Who would have thought that something so small could terrify a body like he did?

HOST: *glances at watch* Well, I see we’re out of time, but I truly want to thank you for being our guest. I'm sure that fearing your husband dead, watching an Indian drop at your feet and having to make the difficult decisions you face presented some difficult challenges. Prairie Peace certainly was a page turner for me. Can we look forward to a sequel?

CECILE: Well, as you know, Prairie Peace is a re-release of Ginger’s 2003 debut novel with another publisher. She’s really improved how the story flows, and I can only hint that you might visit her website to see if anything looks like a continuation of the story. You can find her at and I can give you another hint: Remember Lone Eagle is Lakota Sioux. *giggles again*

HOST: Thanks again, Cecile. This has been fun. Hopefully your fans will visit Eternal Press and purchase the new version of Prairie Peace. They can find it at

CECILE: One can only hope. I know that Ginger needs another root canal, liposuction on her hips and a neck lift, and that's just the emergency necessities. Poor dear, growing old has its own challenges and every purchase helps with the expense. Thanks for inviting me to visit with you… Oh, and Ginger also has is on Myspace, Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget her blog, whatever that is, at Do you have any idea how long it took me to memorize all that?


Sloane Taylor said...

These interviews are GREAT! It's hard to remember the ladies aren't living, breathing humans. But I wouldn't expect less from Ginger Simpson.:)

Cate Masters said...

Loved this character interview! Cecile is quite a character too. Thanks for the glimpse into life in the old West.

Phyllis Campbell said...

Great interview! Felt like I was right there in that era. Of course Ginger always does that. She's an awesome writer!