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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Spotlight: R. Ann Siracusa


My two favorite activities are traveling the world and writing fiction, and my “brand” is combining those loves into novels which transport readers to exotic settings, immerse them in romance, intrigue and foreign cultures, and make them laugh.

When I started traveling, I had no clue that my adventures would eventually inspire writing novels set in foreign lands. But here I am!

These passions have evolved into a humorous Romantic Suspense series (published by Sapphire Blue Publishing) entitled “Harriet Ruby: Tour Director Extraordinaire.” Each of the five novels is a fast-paced romantic romp in a different country while Will and Harriet pursue an intriguing spy story, extraordinary sex, and an evolving relationship.

All For A Dead Man’s Leg introduces Harriet Ruby, a well-balanced young woman of twenty-four, who has taken a position in Europe as a tour director while she tries to decide what she wants to do with her life. She wants new experiences and some excitement before she settles down in to a career and family. Until now everything in her life has been good, but ordinary and predictable.

While conducting her first solo tour in Spain and Morocco, all goes well until she and her tour group get lost in the medina in Tangier. There, one of her tourists becomes ill. She needs a doctor, can't speak Arabic, and doesn't know how to get out of the walled city.

A handsome and mysterious stranger, Will Talbot, a Europol spy and covert operative for the US government, with a dark and troubled past and a calling to rescue innocent bystanders, offers his assistance. At that moment, Harriet's once predictable life turns upside down and will never be the same.

Together she and Will experience a series of hilarious misadventures, great sex and a life-threatening journey as they smuggle a dead body out of Morocco, then go in search of the dead man’s secret, murderers, an international smuggling ring, and terrorists.

First Date, a Tour Director Extraordinaire Story, takes place five weeks after Will and Harriet meet in Morocco. This short story takes the readers on Harriett and Will’s very hot and steamy first date, which potends the future of their adventures and relationship.

First Christmas Follies, a Tour Director Extraordinaire Story, dips into fantasy as Will and Harriet share their first Christmas together with an unexpected and unconventional tour group.

All For A Fist Full Of Ashes brings Harriet and Will, who have been seeing each other for a year, to Italy where their work assignments again overlap. Harriet is conducting a custom tour for fourteen members of an Italian-American family from New Jersey. The matriarch is on a quest to find the unknown location of her mother's grave so she can bury her brother's cremated ashes which have been smuggled into Italy wrapped inside Cuban cigars. Will has one of the family members under surveillance as a suspect in an assassination plot.

He wangles an invitation to join the tour. The quirky family members, including four unruly teenagers and a pet green tree python, sweep through Italy in search of long lost relatives and a lost grave, leaving danger and hilarity in their wake.

Will and Harriet, on their own personal journey, find that traveling together for twenty-four hours a day threatens their budding relationship, which is fraught with trust issues. Harriet wants to be involved in everything and Will can't, and won't, trust her. Harriet's intervention leads her to intuit the time, place and victim of the assassination attempt. Unable to reach Will, she puts herself in danger to thwart the assassination.

In Destruction Of The Great Wall (scheduled for release Summer 2010), Will travels with Harriet on her tour to China as her husband, his cover for a mission to recover a list of double agents. Unexpectedly, Harriet's parents show up as part of the tour group and, to protect Will's cover, they must pretend they’re married. The drama heats up when an attempt is made on Harriet's life, diverting Will from his mission. He stays with Harriet, her parents, and the characters in her tour group, on a cruise down the Yangtz River, providing plenty of laughs and life-threatening adventure.

Halloween In The Catacombs, a Tour Director Extraordinaire Story, (scheduled for release in Fall 2010) finds Harriet conducting a tour of the Roman Catacombs on Halloween.

Book 4 takes Will and Harriet to Russia with a new spy adventure. Book 5 is set in southern Africa (South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe).

Come join the fun with Harriet Ruby: Tour Director Extraordinaire and Will Talbot and travel to exotic foreign lands.

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Sherry Gloag said...

You did say you travelled a great deal. I haven't read your books yet, but the locations and your blurbs entice me to add them to my wish list.