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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday Spotlight: K. Dawn Byrd

Hobbies Anyone?

Writing is more than just a passion. It's something I think about all day and can't wait until my workday ends and I can sit down with my laptop. I've found that if I go any length of time without writing, it's like I've lost my best friend. It's almost depressing.

I tried oil painting. I took a one night a week class and it was so much fun! However, I never was all that good at it and couldn’t paint from a picture in my mind. I'd scour magazines or greeting cards until I found something I wanted to paint and then take it to class and let the instructor guide me. It was a creative outlet, just not the perfect fit for me.

In a world where sometimes things don't go as planned and tragedy strikes in situations where we can see no good coming out of it, people begin to feel helpless. The opposite can be said of fiction. My heroines are plunged into danger and just when readers think things couldn't get worse for them , it does. However, my characters always shine in the end because I love to write stories with happy endings.

I write first to entertain myself because I love creating new characters, environments, and plots. It's what I do while my husband plays golf or rides his bike. It works for us because I'm not interested in those activities and I need total peace and quiet to write. I write second, to entertain readers. If someone loves what I write, it's icing on the cake and gives me a little more encouragement to continue.

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Unknown said...

K. Dawn--sorry I'm just now making it to LASR. I like your statement that "you write to entertain yourself." Maybe all writers do that, I certainly do. When I'm bored, I'll read one of my own stories, and think, wow, this is good! Egotistical, huh? Congratulations on your release of Killing Time--that is a great title. Good luck to you--Celia