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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday Spotlight: KS Augustin


In case you were wondering, we live in Malaysia at the moment. The capital is Kuala Lumpur, but we don't live there! LOL We live in the southernmost state of the peninsula, Johor. (If you find it on the map, it's that part of West Malaysia that looks like it's about to eat Singapore.)

As you can imagine, being one degree north of the Equator means it gets pretty hot. And humid. It's a very rare week when it doesn't rain, the soil is hard and leached of a lot of nutrient, but you still get the impression that you can stick a broomstick in the ground and it'll grow. Oh, and we get some fantastic thunderstorms. And it's green. Green as far as the eye can see. If you're a landscaper, you'll never run out of work in this part of the world.

What may not be obvious to you, and was only clear to us after living here for a couple of years, is that there are seasons. Right! Bang on the equator and there are distinct seasons to the year, and I'm not talking monsoons. I found that out near the beginning of the year when I got...hayfever! It tickled the locals no end because *everyone* knows that people only get hayfever in more extreme climates. No, I'm sorry, we have no hayfever medication. Aarrghhh! I had to make do with some generic anti-histamine tablets. I'm dreading next year already.

The bougainvillea, that the Singapore authorities use extensively for landscaping, bloom at certain times. Our weeping gum tree was actually dormant over Christmas before bursting into leaf a few months ago. It's something that's strange and wonderful in a place where you'd least expect to see such a cycle. So I'm happy to tell my overseas friends that we have seasons here! And, when I say it, there's always a smile on my face.


Pauline said...

We have "seasons" like that here in Texas. When we first moved south and I realized that sometimes the leaves turn in the fall and sometimes they don't, I was, like, what happened? What's with this green stuff in winter? Thankfully we adjust!

Kaz Augustin said...

It's very subtle here, 'cos nobody expects to see seasonal changes beyond the howling thunderstorms of the greater and lesser monsoons. But it's still there. I'm so pleased I managed to spot it.