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Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Spotlight: KS Augustin

What I write

So this is the last mini-essay that I'm writing for the Author Spotlight, and I'd like to thank Marianne and Judy for offering me such a wonderful opportunity to reach out to you, and I haven't yet told you what I write!

It's all part of my nefarious plan. You see, I write a branch of romance that not many people read. (If you look up the definition of "shooting yourself in the foot", you'll see the words "see KS 'Kaz' Augustin"!) I write science-fiction romance.

That means a lot of things to me. Of course there are spaceships and advanced technology and romance, but there's also some serious stuff in there. I write romance without The Serious Stuff inside, but I make sure I put it in for my SF romances. No no, I'm not talking about politics, so please don't run away! I'm talking about basic questions on our humanity. In the book I'm promoting for this Spotlight, IN ENEMY HANDS, I'm talking about strength of character. Almost everyone in the book is tested for it, and everyone answers it in some way.

I want to know, could you live with yourself if you gained fame through the exploitation of another human being? Could you somehow force yourself to remember someone if you lose your memory every two days? Could you give up your ambition if it meant correcting a personal injustice?

The characters in the book face all these questions, and how they react is very much a part of their strength of will and sense of justice. If you're interested in finding out more about the book, you can read the entire prologue (yes, I know some of you hate prologues, but I've been told it's well done!) at my website:

Or you could just enter the competition! Best of luck and thanks for having me here.

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