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Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Spotlight: Celia Yeary

Blurb from Texas Blue

She wasn’t a fit mother…

So said the county judge who hired Buck Cameron to retrieve his little daughter. But when Buck finally locates the pretty mother and child, he finds the claim very hard to believe. Now, he faces a dilemma. Should he obey the order? Or should he defy the judge and rescue Marilee and her child from isolation?

She’d been banished…

Rejected and abandoned by her father, Marilee Weston used the pain of betrayal to survive. Now, she needs a way out of the forest, where she and her daughter had lived for five years. But the towering pines and fear of the unknown imprisoned her. How could she begin a new life for herself and five-year-old daughter? Will the alluring stranger free her, or prove to be even more dangerous?

Excerpt from Texas Blue

Buck daydreamed of Marilee in a pretty, flowered dress, maybe pink, with a wide sash tied in a bow in the back. The neckline should have a ruffle all around, a little low in front and maybe off her shoulders a bit. Her hair would be loose, shining with cleanliness, pulled up from the sides and tied with a pink ribbon in back. Soft, kid slippers would be on her dainty feet, and…

“Buck! Buck! You’re not listening to me,” Josie demanded, tugging on his hand. “I said, lookit! See the river? Mama’s already down there, and we’re just pokin’ along. Come on!”

He smiled a little, chagrined he’d been caught spinning fairytales in his head. Never in his life had he thought of the clothes women wore. Mostly he knew if they looked pretty or not.

Sure enough, Marilee had found the “river”, actually now a muddy stream. But it was clearing fast, so hopefully, they could clean themselves a little.

“Hey,” he said as he approached. “Looks good, doesn’t it?”

She smiled shyly. “How can we do this? It’s too muddy to get in, and I think it’s flowing too fast. What should we do?”

“I’m going to unsaddle Cherokee first. His blanket is wet. Marilee, why don’t you give the gun back to me? I’ll put it in my saddlebag. Josie can’t get to it there, and you won’t need to worry about it. All right?” He held his breath. Another test.

He could tell from the stiffening of her back, she resisted the idea. She felt safer with it, he knew, but he’d bet a nickel she wouldn’t fire the thing at him. And no one else was around to put them in danger. She folded her hands together in a tense grip, but quickly relaxed and reached in her pocket. She handed it over, and looked up at him with mixed emotions playing across her pretty face.

“Will you give it back if I ask for it? I’ll want it later on when…” Her sentence ended in an unspoken question.

“Don’t say it yet, please. Give me a chance to make things right for you. Promise me you won’t just leave, not knowing where to go, and not giving me time to work this out.”

She gazed out over the meadow before she answered, as if searching for the right words to say. “I can’t promise, Buck. I’m too scared. But I’ll try to think everything through first, instead of bolting like that stupid horse did. I’ve tried running twice, now, and it hasn’t worked, yet.” Her eyes sought his. “It’s time I faced reality.” With that, she turned to Josie and walked away from him.

What did she mean, exactly? Surely, she didn’t intend to give up. He sure as hell wouldn’t.



Celia Yeary

Romance…and a little bit o' Texas

TEXAS BLUE-eBook and Print




Keena Kincaid said...

Good morning, Celia. I've enjoyed all your posts this week. Texas Blue sounds like a wonderful story. I'm beginning to understand the appeal of cowboys.

Stephanie Burkhart said...

Celia, what a nice week to be in the spotlight. Texas Blue sounds great. Good luck with sales.


Lindsay Townsend said...

Super excerpt, Celia. I love the male POV and he's a real hero!

I've really enjoyed all your essays this week - thank you so much for sharing.

Unknown said...

THANK YOU, Judy and Marianne for the Author Spotlight week.I do appreciate it. Celia

Unknown said...

Thanks Keena, Steph, and Lindsay--I appreciate your support more than you know. Love you all--Celia

Linda Swift said...

Celia, I enjoyed reading the excerpt from Texas Blue today. It reminded me of how very much I enjoyed the whole book. Your best one that I've read so far. I wish you much success with sales for this and all your books to come.

Linda Swift said...

Celia, I enjoyed the excerpt for Texas Blue very much. Reminded me of how much I loved the entire book. I wish you great success with this and all your books to come. Linda

Unknown said...

LINDA-! don't get blown away by that tropical storm! Thank you, dear one, for taking time to stop by even though it's difficult on the road. Take care--and I check WMP--I didn't know they had out author's pages up. See you soon.Celia