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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday Spotlight: Karen Wiesner

What’s coming up in the Denim Blues Mysteries trilogy?


Book 2 of the Denim Blues Mysteries Trilogy
Inspirational Romantic Mystery
by Karen Wiesner
Coming in trade paperback and electronic formats January 2011

from Whiskey Creek Press

Working with local private investigators Den McHart and Sylvia Price, Briar's Point Police Department Detective Orlando Bateman solves a missing person case. Keeya Nilsen, visually impaired from the plane crash that took her parents' lives, comes to him and has a justifiably bad attitude about love, since all the men she's ever loved have cheated on her and robbed her...including the last one, who absconded with her most prized possession—her grandfather's unpublished Blues compositions—when he flew the coop. As together they search for her last boyfriend and her missing legacy, Orlando reminds Keeya of the faith she’d had before the plane crash that changed her life and makes her see love as God intends.

An excerpt of this book will be available soon here:

Book 3 of the Denim Blues Mysteries Trilogy
Inspirational Romantic Mystery
by Karen Wiesner
Coming in trade paperback and electronic formats June 2011
from Whiskey Creek Press

Erin Shanley, a hospice nurse, becomes an amateur sleuth when she realizes some of her patients are being swindled out of their life savings by the new 'psychic' fortuneteller in Briar's Point. Erin's neighbor, Detective Tyler Shaw, whom she went to school with, is someone she's always had a bit of a crush on. But this shy, sweet guy has been burned in love and isn't sure he's the right material for any woman, even someone as amazing as Erin.


Quite a few years ago, my Falcon’s Bend Series writing partner, Chris Spindler, wrote to tell me her German publisher was looking for light-hearted mystery novellas. I’d had this interesting dream just prior to this, and I used small parts of it as the basis of this mystery novella that I wrote fairly quickly. At the time, the story was in first-person point of view (POV)—the hero, Denim McHart. I also had quite a few more ideas for mystery novellas with this character that I thought about pursuing if this first novella did anything. Long story short, the German publisher decided not to go in that direction, so I was sitting there with a finished novella that I loved and the makings of a series revolving around this intriguing hero. Then I heard that an inspirational publisher was looking for romantic mystery novels. I loved the idea of turning this novella into a novel, and I knew I could flesh it out greatly by revising it in third-person POV and including the heroine, Sylvia Price’s viewpoint. What I came up with was better than my expectations, and my ideas for a series with the same hero every time quickly became a trilogy with two of the male characters I’d become intrigued by during the writing of RETIRED AND ON THE ROCKS—Sylvia’s former partner on the Riverbend Police Department, Orlando Bateman, and Orlando’s new partner at the Briar’s Point Police Department, Tyler Shaw.

To make another long story short, the inspirational publisher asked for many, many changes to fit the theme of the line these mystery novels would be fitting into. I admit, I wasn’t crazy about the idea of changing these aspects, but I liked the idea of getting the books published better than I disliked the idea of changing. I made all the changes very quickly, the publisher was very approving and eager to work with me...

Alas, nothing worked out there despite the sheer amount of time I waited around for something to happen. I finally sent the book to my agent to see if she would have any luck placing it elsewhere. She asked for revisions over the course of an extremely frustrating year. At long last, the book was making the rounds...for another year of frustration in which nothing happened.

I was becoming more than a little eager to see something—anything—happen with these books that I’d fallen in love with when RETIRED was just a novella. I decided to pull the book from my agent. The more I thought about it, the more I liked my original novel ideas for RETIRED—and luckily I still had a copy of it in that form. I went to work returning it to the state I’d loved it most before I had so many publishers and agents trying to change it. One of the publishers I submitted it to again wanted to make endless changes that would turn it into what she wanted but not what I loved most. Though that editor was very eager to work with me, I’d been down that road before with this book, so I decided not to change it this time. Instead, I submitted the trilogy (which, at the time, consisted of the first full novel and blurbs for the last two) to my publisher Whiskey Creek Press. In short order, they bought all three books—without any changes beyond normal editing—and suddenly I had to get to work on those last two books.

At this time, LOVE IS BLIND is complete, and I’ll begin outlining SOULS in late Summer 2010. If you’re curious about the titles:

LOVE IS BLIND...AND IT DON'T PAY THE BILLS EITHER is the name of one of the heroine, Keeya Nilsen’s grandfather’s Blues songs. This ties into Keeya’s firm belief that love is blind—and it’s up to Orlando to change her mind!

The title of SOULS ON {B}ORING STREET is based on the fact that the hero, Ty, and heroine, Erin, live on a street called “Oring Street.” Long ago, the kids in the subdivision painted a “B” in front of it—hence the title. But suddenly interesting things are happening on this street, and amateur sleuth Erin is determined to find out what...with a little help from the guy (police detective Ty) she’s had a crush on for years.

I also designed the covers for all three of the books—I’m really proud of these. You can check them out here:

and see the back cover of SOULS here:

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