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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday Spotlight: Karen Wiesner

Tell us about your journey to publication.

I wrote my first book when I was ten years old. My first novel was published in 1998 after countless “good” rejections and after I’d made the monumental (and retrospectively premature) decision to write only for my own pleasure instead of for publication. Since then, I’ve been extremely blessed.

Up until a few years ago, I’d never felt “led” to write Christian stories, but that changed unexpectedly while writing WAYWARD ANGELS, Book 4 of the Wounded Warriors Series. Writing it was an experience unlike any I’ve gone through before. It was like having God sit down with me every morning and guide my figurative pen. When the book was done, I also felt like I hadn’t written it. It almost didn’t feel like my own writing, and I did experience some self-doubts about the story when the book was released. I worried how Christians would react because I’m not in any way conventional, traditional—I don’t fit the molds inspirational publishers insist on. If someone picks up the book and expects everything to be safe and harmless...well, that’s not me. Yet the reception was beyond what I could have ever imagined. This book has a realistic, powerful edge that I never want to lose, and I also recognized that God was leading my hand while I was writing it. While reading it again after it was published, I experienced in an overwhelming way His incredible ability to take a life that seems beyond redemption and turn it into something not only worthwhile but beautiful. Writing inspirational fiction just feels like the right (though certainly not the only) course for me. I hope that the Christian novels I write will glorify God and touch people in such a way that they see His power to change lives. In the last several years, I’ve been writing a lot more inspirational fiction, including:

Family Heirlooms Series (inspirational romances):

Denim Blues Mysteries Trilogy (romantic inspirational mysteries):

WAYWARD ANGELS, Book 4 of the Wounded Warriors Series

WHITE RAINBOW, Book 6 of the Wounded Warriors Series

(both are inspirational women’s fiction):

THE BLOODMOON CURSE (inspirational contemporary gothic romantic suspense):

“A Home for Christmas” (inspirational romance novella):

I’m also planning to write some other single title inspirational romances in the future, and you can find out more information about them here:

Will I ever stop writing anything but inspirational fiction? At this time, I have to say no, but who knows? I’m open to any direction the Lord moves me in.

How do you find time to connect with God?

I’m a pray-as-I-go-along person. If anything happens that bothers me, worries me, relieves me, thrills me—you name it, past, present and future—I’m talking to Him about it. I also try to read and study the Bible each day. My favorite verses are Romans 12:1-2, which really seem to cover everything in life to me. When I first accepted the Lord, my every question was, “What’s God’s will here? Should I do this? Or this? Or not? What does He want me to do?” It was a constant struggle. I’ve learned that Romans 12:1-2 are the answer to every question every single time. What I do or don’t do beyond that isn’t the point. The point is my submission. God’s will in every circumstance I face is for me to submit myself to Him, and He’ll reveal the answer to me based on my obedience in offering myself to Him. These verses are just such a peace to me after so many years of struggling to know His will.

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Will be on the look out for your Christian books. Great interview.

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