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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Spotlight: Allie Boniface

What’s new in the world of writing and publishing? Well, ebooks have certainly taken the world by storm the last few years (the Christmas 2009 season saw Amazon’s ebook sales trump their print sales for the first time ever). Today’s youth do almost everything on a small screen: learn, talk, text, etc. So it’s not a leap of imagination to think that ebooks won’t keep gaining popularity as time goes by. Audio books aren’t nearly as new, of course. Books on tape, books on CD – they’ve been around a lot longer. I have many friends and family who visit their local library before a long car trip, just so they’ll have a few stories to listen to as the miles pass.

Audio books aren’t only good for when you’re traveling, though. While they’re the perfect solution for those who can’t read due to physical limitations, they’re also becoming popular for those on the go – and I’m not talking just commuters. Busy people can now download a book (or two or ten!) onto their iPods and plug in, listening while they shop, clean, do yardwork, etc. It’s perfect! I even have a friend whose husband talks to her nonstop if she’s trying to read – but if she’s listening to her iPod, he takes the cue and leaves her alone. She confessed that’s the only way she’ll ever be able to get through my books!

That’s where the good news comes in: as of right now, two of my previously-released contemporary romance novels are newly available in audio format. Lost in Paradise (a 2007 release with The Wild Rose Press) and One Night in Memphis (a 2008 release with Samhain), are both currently for sale at Audio Lark. If you haven’t read either book yet, or have thought about trying an audio book, this might be the perfect time for you. Click here for a sample “listen” to Lost in Paradise!


Anonymous said...

I see that I have to join the rapidly advancing world of audio and e-books. What can I say? I love the feel of a book in my hands. But then again, once upon a time, I wrote on paper, with a pencil. Along came the computer and I don't know how I ever wrote the other way. I simply have to get on board.

Thanks for the sample! Was that your voice? Sounded great.

Aimee said...

I listen to audio books at work and I am excited for this one. I just finished the reading the book recently and I look forward to listening to it.

Allie Boniface said...

Thanks, all!