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Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Spotlight: Allie Boniface

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m happy to be here this whole week, talking about my latest release and what’s coming up in my writing world. First, One Night in Napa has just released in print from Samhain Publishing. It received a 5 Book review and the Best Book of the Week right here at The Long and the Short of It, back in September 2009. Now it’s hit the shelves, and I couldn’t be happier! This is actually my third One Night book, and if you haven’t read the others, what makes them a little different from most other contemporary romances is that they take place over a single day and night, with each chapter covering an hour (yes, sort of like the TV show 24).

Why twenty-four hours? Well, I first came up with the idea about five years ago, during an early morning run. I love reading about two people falling in love and the way their relationship evolves over time – I think most romance readers do! But I’ve also always been fascinated by the possibility of how two people can meet and change each other's lives in a matter of moments. Yes, I do believe you can be instantly “struck” by someone. Yes, I do believe you can feel a connection to another person after just a few hours of conversation. Yes, I do think some people will walk into your life and stay there forever, and you know that soon after you meet them.

Those are the ideas I wanted to explore in my One Night books. They’re considered “sweet” on the heat level, which means my characters aren’t jumping into bed for explicitly described one-night stands, but One Night in Napa does get pretty steamy in places. Hey, when your hero and heroine are locked up together inside a mansion when the power goes out, what do you expect?

But One Night in Napa isn’t just about a journalist who’s trying to take advantage of a breaking story, or the woman who’s trying to protect her family secret and stop him at all costs. It’s also about how far we’ll go to please our parents – how much the family name matters when lives are on the line – and how two people can actually have much more in common than they first realize. Here’s the official blurb for the book – please join me back here tomorrow, when I talk about why I chose Napa Valley and where the next One Night book will take place!

Journalist Grant Walker has one chance to salvage his job and his relationship with his domineering father. Terrorists have kidnapped a fading film star’s son, and Grant has scored the first interview with the grieving mother. Even better, a new twist has just arrived on the scene—an illegitimate granddaughter who hasn’t been heard from in seven long years.

It’s the story of a lifetime, and all Grant has to do is deliver.

After discovering a terrible secret about her birth, Kira March left home vowing never to return. With her father kidnapped and her grandmother cracking under media pressure, it’s up to her to find and destroy all evidence of that secret. Trouble is, a reporter has weaseled his way into the house looking for answers—and he isn’t leaving until he gets them.

Yet as the hours pass, Kira finds herself falling for the very man who could destroy her. And when Grant comforts her in the wake of a midnight tragedy, he remembers why it’s a bad idea to get emotionally involved with an interview subject. Especially when the family name is on the line.


Anonymous said...

Hi Allie,

I remember "One Night in Memphis" from Timeless Tales. And now here you are with your third "one night" book published. How cool is that?!

This one sounds every bit as intriguing. Way to go!

Allie Boniface said...

Hi Lisa!! Nice to see you here :)

Virginia C said...

Hi, Allie!

As I learned from reading "One Night in Memphis", you are quite a skillful storyteller! Your story line detail and character development are excellent. I would love to read your entire "One Night" series!