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Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Spotlight: Allie Boniface

Yes, I do love being a teacher. It’s rewarding in so many ways. While some people might think I’m crazy for teaching teens, I’ve always found my niche with that group. Little kids aren’t for me. But adolescents? Even though I wasn’t crazy about high school myself, I was drawn to teaching it. And after twelve years, I’ve never looked back.

In fact, over this past year, I’ve discovered something else to love about it: my students have inspired me to tackle a Young Adult novel as my next writing project. Yes, that’s right: I’m taking a break from writing romance and instead in the middle of revising a book that features a 16-year old psychic as my heroine. There’s still a love story as a subplot, but the central focus is on the way she adjusts to a new school, new friends, and the challenge of being thrust into a leadership role while trying to hide her psychic ability at the same time.

I’ve loved writing the first draft, mostly because it came so easily – all I had to do was listen to my students! Every day I come home with a new idea, a new attitude, a new popular saying or trend. I realized a few months ago that I had a rich, rich resource right in front of me, five days a week (not to mention a possible built-in readership, as one author friend pointed out). Plus, as I mentioned yesterday, the students are very honest about what they do and don’t like in YA books. Hearing them talk about certain characters and why they relate to them, or certain conflict and why it is/isn’t believable, is invaluable for me.

Yes, YA fiction is hugely popular right now. Yes, other authors have made the switch over to YA from adult fiction. And while I’ll admit that it’s not a bad idea to strike the market while it’s hot, I also like the challenge of trying something different and something I feel confident about. So maybe next year at this time, you’ll see me back here in the spotlight, though over in the Aurora section of LASR, with my brand new YA novel! (A girl can always dream, right?)

Thanks so much for being here with me this week, and thanks to the lovely ladies at The Long and the Short of It for hosting me. Hope you’ve enjoyed this brief insight to my world. Please visit me at or keep up with my daily adventures at my blog, Happy Friday, and enjoy your weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Allie,

Your post today reminded me of that old saying, "write what you know." And you definitely know that age group. I can see why you would be drawn to write a YA novel. Best of luck! I really enjoyed your posts this week.