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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Spotlight: Silver James

What Ideas May Come

Another question I'm asked by non-writers is where I get ideas for my books. For me, the question is not how I get the ideas, but how to sort through all of them to find the most compelling “What if?”--the one that captures my imagination, and hopefully that of my readers. Ideas abound. Good ones are a horse of a different color. I have an idea file chock full of rejects, some-days, maybes, and what-the-hell-was-Iffy-smoking! Yes, indeed, every once in awhile Iffy slips an idea into my head that really makes me wonder. That last one contained a talking Newfoundland dog, Coyote Angel, and a middle-aged woman on a mission. Scary stuff that. That idea isn't even on the back burner. I shoved it into the freezer so fast it never got warm. Although.... No. I'm not going there. Really! Do you see how Iffy sidetracks me?

I'm a pantser when I write. Mostly. That means I plot by the seat of my pants. I start with my characters and the idea of the story they want to tell and I start writing. When I'm really lucky, the plot comes with twists and turns, magic, mystery, and a lot of romance. When I'm not, the story is consigned to the Maybe Someday When I'm Really Bored file.

When the idea for FAERIE FATE first came to me, I had to let it sit and percolate in my imagination for a long time before it finally gelled to the point I could start writing. I knew my main characters, Becca and Ciaran, and I knew what they had to do to find their HEA, but figuring out all those twists and turns before they got there took awhile. I discarded a lot of ideas before the words flowed naturally and the story tumbled out. I'm pleased with what Iffy and I wrote. I hope you will enjoy it, too.

What is your favorite subgenre of romance? What keeps you turning the pages of a book?

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Paula R said...

Hey Silver, I never did ask if you were a pantser or a plotter. Now I know. Right now, I am pantser, and like you, I sit and write, hoping that the words come out in some semblance of order with all those twists and turns. Sometimes I feel like I am doing stream of consciousness writing, but those are not to be seen by anyone else. Have you looked at any of your maybes and feel compelled, by Iffy or not, to sit and write the story now?

Peace and love,
Paula R.

Silver James said...

There are a few of the maybes I'll get around to. The stories are too good not to get right. I have a really weird, compartmented brain. While I working on the current WIP, Iffy is having playdates and stirring up all sorts of mischief with those plots on the back burner!

Thanks for being a faithful friend and fan, Paula! You rock. :D

Paula R said...

You are very welcome Silver! This is one of the best ways I know how to support my friends as author friends.

Peace and love,
Paula R.