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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday Spotlight: Jessica Andersen

Who is your favorite hero so far in the Nightkeeper books?

I love each of them for different reasons, truly.

The first book of the series, Nightkeepers, introduces almost all of the characters who will be in the nine-book series arc (each book stands alone as a romance, but they’re tied together in the overall save-the-world story). Because there are so many characters are on the page, I worked to make them very different from each other, each with distinct flaws and virtues.

The hero of Nightkeepers, Strike, is a reluctant king who has to grow into his responsibilities … and in the process falls for a woman the gods have chosen as their next sacrifice.

In the second book of the series, Dawnkeepers, shapeshifter Nate struggles against the idea of predestiny, refusing to let the gods define his life.

I think perhaps the sexiest hero is Michael, the hero of Skykeepers. He’s very dark, very dangerous, and very hooked in to his own sensuality.

But for me, perhaps one of the most lovable characters is Lucius, the hero of Demonkeepers. He’s my ‘nerd that roared’ character; he’s not the biggest or strongest, and he doesn’t even have true magic (at least not at first), but he’s always wanted to be a hero.

But when demonic possession and a twist of magic leaves him with the powers of a prophet and he becomes the swashbuckling, magic-wielding Indiana Jones he’s always wanted to be, he quickly realizes that being a Nightkeeper isn’t the solution to all his problems … it’s the start of a whole new set of them!

I love watching him grow into the hero he’s always wanted to be, even though he makes some really Big Mistakes along the way.

Then again, ask me the same question in a few months, and I’ll probably say that Brandt or Dez are my new favorite heroes. Part of my writing process is falling in love with each of these guys, and loving who they become with their heroines :-)

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Anonymous said...

I think it's cool that you love all your heroes, for different reasons. The one that sounds most appealing to me, though, is Strike. Probably because he has to grow into his role. I love it when you see a character grow.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa!

Strike is a really interesting guy-- he starts out being all football-and-t-shirts, and has to figure out how to be a leader, the mate (and equal) of a headstrong cop, and a mage all at the same time.

He's also trying to deal with the fact that his father was (inadvertently) responsible for killing off all the other Nightkeepers and their winikin bodyguards, and the magic says that 'what has happened before will happen again.' So Strike has to look at each of his actions in that light, too.

Imho, he'd really like to be a simple guy living a simple life, but that just isn't an option. Which makes it fascinating (again, imho) to watch him grow, not just in the first book, but throughout the series.

Thanks for stopping by and posting!

Brenna Ash said...

Another great snippet into the 'Keeper's' world. I enjoyed reading about your hero's and your thoughts of them.

Cathy M said...

Hi Jessica, I totally agree about Michael being the sexiest (so far). Loved his intensity.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Brenna and Cathy! I really had fun putting together a little mini essay series on the books, and am enjoying the responses I'm getting!

word verification: derfac

Derfac of the matter is, I'm all about Mendez right now, 'cause I'm writing his book!

robynl said...

so today I can comment whereas yesterday I kept getting a message and couldn't even get on this page(I sent the message to Judy & Marianne).

9 characters and each so different-what a task set before you. I believe you are handling it well from the sounds of it.