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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Spotlight: Silver James

Chewing up the Scenery

Not all writers live in exciting or exotic locales yet most books are set in such places. I will also wager that most of us can't afford to travel to all the places we want to set our books. The Faerie books are set in both Ireland of the past and various places in the present. While I was lucky enough to visit England ages ago, I've never been to Ireland. A trip there is on my Bucket List.

I actually remember the dark ages before the internet, back when writers prowled the dim shelves of dusty libraries hunting for information on the places where their stories were set. Coffee table picture books, calendars, even the Encyclopedia Britannica all coughed up images the imagination could transform into words describing the “where” of their story. Travel books, movies (if it were actually filmed on location instead of a Hollywood set), and looking at photographs taken by people lucky enough to have traveled to the spot in mind could also help. Then lo and behold! The internet arrived. And Google Earth. A whole plethora of images and information spilled from those magical boxes on our desks. Wow. Research sure got easy in a hurry! With Google Maps, I can drive from Point A in my story to Point B, and describe every street corner along the way. Not that I should, of course.

Being a “visual” writer, I like having an image in my head when I type out a description or a scene in one of my books. I hope to relay my vision, through my words, to my reader. Anything that simplifies the process is a win. When someone reads my book(s), I want them to get a sense of time and place in hope it enhances their enjoyment. I love hearing from my readers when I succeed.

Have you ever read a book and then wanted to visit the place the book was set?

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Paula R said...

OMG Silver, all the time. Reading books is fuel for my desire to travel. I want to visit Ireland of old, and Scotland, and England, and Rome, and Italy, and Germany, and France, and so many more places. I will do a European tour one day. That is on my bucket list.

Peace and love,
Paula R.

Silver James said...

Yay for bucket lists, Paula! I hope all your dreams come true!