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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Spotlight: Susan Palmquist

What Do You Do?

Sometimes I think being a writer has to be the most fascinating thing, well, at least to people who don’t write. I’m always asked what I write and can they buy my books at Barnes and Noble. Most people make the whole writing thing more exciting than it really is but just in case you’re fascinated about what a typical writing day is like, here’s what mine often looks like.

We’re early risers in my house so I’m usually up and about before 6 a.m. First order of the day, make tea. I have to admit I’m hooked on the stuff and for me; no day should start without it. Next I’ll turn on the computer and check my e-mails. It’s always wonderful when some good news has traveled into my e-mail box overnight, like a publisher offering me a contract or another short story sold, or an editor liking a pitch I’ve made.

Once that’s out the way, I usually do about 30 minutes exercising. My husband bought me a Wii for Christmas and now I’m hooked on it. Next I shower, grab something to eat and work starts for the day.

I have to admit I’m not happy unless I have a ton of projects running at the same time so most days I’m switching from one thing to another. Most days I either blog or think about the topic of my next blog. I blog once a month at Romance Writers in the Rough. And also at Between the Pages where I write the Susan Palmquist Interviews. Each month I interview either an author or editor. I usually think a few months ahead and approach my interviewee long before the blog appears. Then I have my Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to the Universe site. I blog on Mondays and write two articles a week for that, which get put together on Wednesdays for posting on Thursday or Friday. If I’m writing a non-fiction article I might be in the planning or interviewing stage. Next on my list is working on new stuff. I might be gathering information to make a pitch to an editor, following up on a pitch or even just sorting through old files.

All this takes up most of the day and after dinner I close down the desktop computer, head upstairs and turn on the laptop where I become fiction writer. Sometimes if I’m working on a deadline I might continue with some non-fiction work but 99% of the time the laptop means I’m writing fiction. It might be a short story, a novella or a novel. I’ll listen to music, or in the summer open the window and listen to the stream in the pond by the living room. Sometimes I’ll watch TV. I did get into the habit of writing while watching NCIS. Sometimes I can do it; sometimes it’s distracting. It all depends on what stage of the book I’m at. I write for a few hours and then watch TV and yes, sometimes will write in longhand, making notes of things I need to do or notes for new stories.

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