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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday Spotlight: Susan Palmquist

Who Are You?

What’s the first thing you do when you pick up a book?

I’m inquisitive…okay, I’m just downright nosy so before I start reading I always look at the bio of the writer. I’m fascinated by what people do, where they live, do they write full time? Did they draw upon their own experiences to write the book?

So on this second day of my spotlight I thought I’d share some trivia about myself with you, basically anything you wouldn’t find in my book bio. So here are 15 things I bet you didn’t know about me-

1. My dad was in the Coldstream Guards (yes, the soldiers who wear the bearskin hats and red uniforms at Buckingham Palace).

2. I was born in the same hospital as Boy George.

3. I went to Catholic school.

4. I got into a fight with another girl my first year there. We both wanted to be first in line at the door at going home time. After some pushing and punches being thrown, she bit me in the face. Our punishment was to stand at the back of the line for a week. This story does have a happy ending because we became the best of friends.

5. Growing up, I was terrified to ride in elevators.

6. I took elocution lessons.

7. As a child I was hooked on keeping backyard pets. At one time I had a rabbit, guinea pig, two tortoises and a turtle.

8. My career choice when I was growing up-stewardess…I figured it was an inexpensive way to see the world.

9. Growing up I loved watching soccer and was a Manchester United fan, (still am) and had a huge crush on the late Georgie Best.

10. When I was eight, a modeling scout wanted me to try out for a commercial for Johnson and Johnson floor polish, but I was too shy and hid her business card behind the fireplace so my mom couldn’t call her to make the appointment. Yes, I kick myself every day now!

11. I have all male cousins.

12. I’ve always wanted to play the piano and drums.

13. Initially I hated domestic science (cooking) classes at school but ended up loving it and scoring the highest percentage in final exams.

14. I give all my pets Irish names in honor of my heritage.

15. I was on the school athletic team for high jump and 100 and 200 metres.

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