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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday Spotlight: Franny Armstrong

Does A Story Reflect An Author’s Life?

Absolutely! Granted, I always throw in some life experiences to make it true to heart. No, I’ve never been stalked by a psychopath, but hey, there’s always tomorrow. I watch some TV to get ideas of what cops and private investigators have to go through, but my plots are my own, created from the characters and stories I have filling my mind.

Since becoming ill, I realized that all my life I was an author bursting to get out. The more experiences you have in life, the more you need to write about. My beloved mother always told me to write my thoughts down to get anger, frustration and so on from life out of my system. Oh, boy, do I wish I still had those notes. I’d even written a story about a boy named Toby who I played while doing the play in the garage and inviting all the local neighbourhood kids to watch for only a nickel. I was a STAR! LOL

In many of my books I placed some tidbits of life experiences, like the time I was in Jamaica and a Rastafarian man threw his arm over my shoulder, wanting to ask me out on an evening of delight, in front of my husband to boot! Anyway, I looked over at his hand on my shoulder and he was holding a very large joint of what I assume was marijuana. Needless to say, that made it into one of my books for sure. LOL


Franny Armstrong-ParaNovelGirl


Dena said...

I always hear write what you know and life experiences are great for stories in your books. I bet that was fun in Jamaica.

Franny Armstrong - ParaNovelGirl said...

Thanks Dena. Yes, Jamaica was fun. We went with hubby's brother and his wife so we had company and they went often and knew the country. It was quite beautiful.
My mother always said, write what you know and write your feelings out. She was so WRITE (lol right)
My sister just got her first book in print and was thrilled to hold it in her hands. My two print books are coming this week. I can't wait. It's like having Christmas morning every day I write. You never know what's going to come up on the computer screen.
Thanks for commenting and good luck on the drawing for Extrasensory Elements Series Book 1-Author's Demise.