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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Spotlight: April Dawn

My Writing

Each writer has their own way of doing things. They each have their own way of finding inspiration, and handling, or avoiding, controversy. Today I thought I would share a few things about the way I write.


Some authors get out a glass of wine, others listen to music. I’ve even heard that Stephen King has trained his muse to show up during an eight hour period. Personally, I find my inspiration at all hours. Things just come to me with no impetus. I might be in the tub or watching television. Sometimes I’m in the middle of my Biggest Loser WII game. Regardless of the hour or inconvenience, I find myself inspired. Unfortunately with the way my inspiration works, if I don’t catch it while it’s running, I can’t duplicate the moment of inspiration from memory, no matter how I try. If I do try, I tend to end up with something bound for deletion, or at least major rewrites.


Some of my most beloved stories dealt with controversial issues, but the writer handled them in a straightforward manner instead of handling them with kid gloves. If it is a natural part of the story, I think the reader will understand it, whatever it may be. When I face a controversial part of a novel, I keep those novels in mind. I don’t stop. I don’t let myself be afraid of the controversy. Instead, I face it boldly and honestly. I let it unfold without too much fear of where it will go.


MBT said...

Guess what, Andrea finally told me where she buys her brand shoes , I just ordered and I am blown away at how fast they ship and cheap too

Anonymous said...

I think you're right; every writer has their own way of finding inspiration. For me, morning is my best, most productive time. I try to capitalize on that.

Unknown said...

I love the mornings. Hubby isn't asking for coffee, and son isn't asking for diaper change. Ahh heaven! :-D

Virginia C said...

Everyone has to find their own productive niche. I love early morning, fueled by a good cup of coffee. Knowing who you are, and being true to your beliefs is the key to happiness in life. This applies to whatever profession you choose. Honesty in writing is what keeps us reading. If the author is uncomfortable with what they wrote, the reader will also be uncomfortable.

Jana Richards said...

I appreciate an author who tackles a delicate subject with honesty and in a straightforward manner. A writer's job is to shine a light on things that make us uncomfortable.

Best of luck with your book April.

Unknown said...

Thank you both, I agree completely.