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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday Spotlight: Franny Armstrong

Is it more important to write to make money, or write because you love it?

Frankly, writing for the love of it shows in your work. When you only write to make money, your work doesn’t have heart and soul. When I’m immersed in my ‘other’ worlds, I thrive with the joy of creating them.

From day one when I decided to become an author, I wrote, and wrote, and wrote, pouring out my heart into my book. Granted, I haven’t released that one, nor do I think I will until it gets a complete revamp, but it was a learning experience as well as placing a piece of my heart on the computer. You can’t replace that with anything, but when I do go back and read it now and then, I find that all the things I’ve learned about point of view, punctuation, and so much more made the story a definite fixer upper.

Loving what you do and being happy in it shows in any job whether it’s writing, waitressing, or flying out of this world in space shuttles. Just watching the Olympians and the joy and pain they feel in that few minutes of fame can make you scream for joy, or cry for them. They obviously love their career and are willing to go all the way to succeed over all obstacles. That’s what writing is to me. Love!


Franny Armstrong-ParaNovelGirl

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