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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Spotlight: April Dawn

More About My Writing

Books are an amazing experience that can’t be duplicated in other media. You get a lifetime in 500 pages or less. You don’t just have to sit back and be a spectator, like you do in the movies. You actually get to be in the character’s head and experience things as they do. Their thoughts and fears are on display for your interpretation.

When I sit down to write a romance, what I love most about romance is just the same. A Lifetime of Romance in Less Than 500 Pages. The characters speak to me. They tell their stories, and I feel excited to be a part of that. It makes it difficult to put their stories on hold, even if it is only for an hour or two.

The hardest time for me as a writer is when I have a number of stories fighting to be told at once. Each battles for supremacy because my inept fingers can’t keep pace with the 10 – 20 thousand words a day each would love to have written down. I try my best to keep up during those periods, but I rarely am able. It is really fun as an author to try, though.

One unexpected benefit of having this particular vocation is that I have learned not only to type without looking, but to do so quite quickly. So as the years have gone by, at least, my fingers have become more adept at keeping time with my mind. Perhaps someday they will come up with a direct from brain download, then I will be able to have a lifetime of romance in five seconds or less. Until then, I struggle to keep my fingers in time with my mind as I commit those lifetimes to paper.


Anonymous said...

A "direct from brain download" would be an incredible gift to writers! Imagine the possiblities. In the meantime, a good typing speed helps :)

Unknown said...

Yup. The day they come up with direct from brain, I'm sooo getting it. lol

Virginia C said...

As for typing quickly without have to watch out for "spell check"! Words can be typed incorrectly but still be correctly spelled for words with a different meaning, like "to" and "too" and "toot". Not to mention other mild words like "as", which take on completely different meanings with just one added letter. Also, when sending emails, be careful with "spell check" not recognizing words and names and coming up with some really weird substitutions. Not that I've ever had such a've just heard about it from others : )

Unknown said...

Oh yeah. My text to speech program is the best thing I own. lol

Pat Cochran said...

Hi, April,

Just wanted to say that I am in awe of your typing without looking! All these years of occasional typing and I still can't do that! As for the
"direct from brain download," it sounds like a lovely idea. I'm afraid I'll be long gone before it
ever happens!!!

Pat Cochran

Unknown said...

Thanks for commenting Pat. I tried for the longest time to learn to type without looking, but it never worked. When the muse grabbed on and wouldn't let go though, I quickly got used to the movements my fingers make. I just have to watch out common misspellings that the grammar checker might automatically give a word when my fingers transpose letters. Otherwise you end up with fowl air bowling on your face. lol
Thank goodness for text to speech and crit partners.