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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Spotlight: Victoria Roder

Today I would like to discuss dream interpretation that I researched for my novel The Dream House Visions And Nightmares, published by Asylett Press, July 2009.

As I informed you yesterday, my husband is sometimes awakened in the middle of the night by my flashlight, as I frantically scribble my dreams in a notebook. My good friend Diane gave me a book on Dream Interpretation and I also referenced the online site THE MEANING OF YOUR DREAMS – A DREAM DICTIONARY for information on dream interpretation that I used in my novel.

Read the following dream excerpt from The Dream House Visions And Nightmares, and then I will dissect it for you:

The man’s big, meaty paw snatched the little boy out of the line up and shoved him to the dirty floor. The bat stretched its wings, but continued to cling to the man’s shoulder. The overbearing man never noticed the blood that trickled through his shirt, drawn by the bat’s claws. He kicked the young boy in the stomach with the toe of his cowboy boot. Instantly, the boot transformed into a snake. It recoiled, drew back, and struck the cringing child.


The beer-bellied man waved his tattooed arm and without making a sound the younger children morphed into rats, and scurried out of the room.

Bat: symbolizes quarrels and hosts of evil

Snake: treachery

Blood: essence and life energy, unfortunate love affairs, a severe disappointment

Rats: foretell of serious trouble to come

The bedspread transformed into a mass of enormous fleas scurrying beneath me. I could feel their compressed bodies against my flesh.

Fleas: sickness, or needing to deal with old troubles

The overwhelming smell of rotting flesh permeated my nostrils, then I noticed the decaying, maggot-infested, head of an owl roll off the serving tray onto the floor.

Owl: deceitful person

I hope that none of the readers dream this detailed or morbid as the above excerpts, but then again my dreams became the premise for my paranormal romance novel The Dream House Visions And Nightmares. I might not like all my dreams, but with their aid, I can say my personal story could be called A Dream Comes True!

Check back tomorrow for an introduction to my second novel, an action thriller entitled, Bolt Action published by Champagne Books April 2010. Can Detective Leslie Bolt solve the case of the “State Quarter Killer” before her sister is the next victim?

Check out the link to dream interpretation on my website


Anonymous said...

I find dreams fascinating. And dream interpretation even moreso.

Great post!

booklover0226 said...

I need to check out your site, Victoria.

Sometimes, I dream that I'm falling...I wonder what that means..

Tracey D

Victoria Roder said...

Thanks Lisa & Booklover,
I have a link to a dream interpretation site on my website. Check it out.

Rhobin said...

Symbols fascinate me and you gave me some new ones to consider. Thanks