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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday Spotlight: Victoria Roder

Secrets of the past, murder, mystery, revenge, deception, sexual tension, and the “State Quarter Killer”-- Bolt Action offers it all. In my action thriller, Bolt Action, Detective Leslie Bolt is a tough talking, gun hording, motorcycle riding investigator with as much insecurity as the rest of us. After a childhood of abuse suffered at the hands of her father, Leslie stashes a collection of pistols, revolvers, and even keeps a Browning A-Bolt Stalker Rifle in her broom closet. She is stand-offish and down right rude and having to work a serial murder case with her handsome ex-lover Detective Lance Kestler doesn’t improve her disposition.

Bolt Action is set in Huntsville, Wisconsin, where murder is most often committed by a spouse, but the only link between the murder victims in this serial murder case appears to be a State Quarter placed under each body. Serial killers usually kill victims that have something in common such as, occupation, hair color, age range, or sexual origin. So, how do you keep the community safe when you don’t know what type of person will be targeted for murder? Where do you gather a pool of suspects if the killer continues to change the method and tools of murder?

Is the “State Quarter Killer” taunting police? In charge of the case, Detective Bolt’s apartment is tossed and her twin sister is missing, which raises the question was the intended target Detective Leslie Bolt? Has her irresponsible sister just run off again, or will Detective Bolt need to solve the “State Quarter Case” before her sister is the next victim?

As the body count mounts, Leslie begins to fall for the sexy medical examiner Jack Donington. Detective Bolt’s brash disposition begins to soften. Perhaps a couple of Harley’s, paint drumming to music, and a new romance can help Detective Bolt conquer her own demons from the past and rescue her sister.

Bolt Action is due out April 2010 from Champagne Books Please check out my website to read an excerpt.

Check back tomorrow to learn a little bit about me and an introduction to my current “Work In Progress” The Haunting of Ingersull Penitentiary.


Unknown said...

Only two more months..... I can't wait to get my hands on it :)

tealady said...

I read this authors first book "Dream House Visions and Nightmares"and if Bolt Action is half as good I can't wait to get my hands on it.Congratulations Mrs.Roder,keep bring us fans more fantastic readings.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vicki

Your big bud Mike here. Boy that story sounds intriguing. Its neat how each writer has a muse that whispers so many different and interesting stories. I'm amazed each time I read one of our fellow author stories over at

Good luck.

Michael Davis (
Author of the year, 4/09

Victoria Roder said...

Thanks for all the encouraging comments.

Rhobin said...

Sounds excellent.

Harvey said...

I love a good thriller. Bolt Action sounds like a good read waiting to happen. Congratulations and good luck

Victoria Roder said...

Thanks, Rhobin & Harvey. Leslie Bolt was a fun character to write and she just might come back for another adventure someday.

Dena said...

Sounds like a very good story Victoria, thanks for the information. I'm looking forward to reading your book.