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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Spotlight: Beth Caudill

Where do you write?

When I first started writing four and half years ago, I worked on the sofa while my youngest son slept. The oldest had gone to school and it was a lot easier to try and write while dealing with one child. Now both kids are in school and I’ve moved up to our bonus room (ie, the catch all room – play room, guest room and mom’s writing office.)

Here’s a picture of my current setup:

I work in the corner, which is nice because I can use the walls. I’ve filled one bulletin board already. I’m trying to decide if the wall in front of me needs a white board, bulletin board, or pictures. I have a window to look out so I should use that space for work.

My research books are up here, as well as all my paperback books. Those bookcases take care of most of the wall space not taken up by the bed and dresser. My sons' legos and the elliptical exerciser take up the middle area. Our new Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy is going to have to find her own space to lie down on while I write. (Yes, all the legos are in tubs so she won’t eat the little pieces. No puppies were hurt in the process of writing this entry.)

The only personalizations I have on the desk are two small statues. You can just make out the one of Eeyore in the corner next to the label maker. The other one is hidden by the stack of folders on the right. It’s of Sorcerer Mickey. I have stuffed animals and other things I could put out but then it would get too cluttered. So I’ve kept myself to the minimum of things that could easily fill the gaps I had on the desktop.

My goal for the new year is to write from 10am until 3pm. I haven’t always stuck to that rule allowing errands and friends to eat into that time. But with the new year, I hope to make a new schedule and stick to it. Also no facebook or email (unless writing related) allowed during that time. I can check those once the kids get home. Rowdy boys are not conducive to writing.


Dena said...

You should definitely put a white board in front to use for pictures and story ideas. I hope you are able to keep your writing goal for the year Beth.

Beth Caudill said...

Dena - Thanks. I have a lot more work to do. Kids and the new puppy are a distraction sometimes. Today the youngest had a field trip to the circus I chaperoned. So no writing.
But it was fun. And he had a blast.

Teresa D'Amario said...

I have my own "office" where I work, and sometimes write, but most of the time I need to get out of my "work" environment to write. On those days, I have my laptop and can sit in the living room or on the bed. :) Both can be conducive, but only if I have the TV turned down to visual only. LOL.

Beth Caudill said...

Teresa - I think we need to get into whatever environment is conducive to our muse.

I've found I can do emails in front of the tv, but for actual story writing I need a work environment. Otherwise I fall prey to distractions.