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Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Spotlight: Helen Scott Taylor

In the Magic Knot Fairies world, each fairy embodies the qualities of one of the elements. The leprechauns and Cornish piskies are Earth elementals, the Welsh Tylwyth Teg are Air elementals, and the noble old blood Tuatha Dé Danaan can be either Fire, Air, or Water. This gives them their powers, strengths, and weaknesses.

In the second book in the series, The Phoenix Charm, the heroine Cordelia is half Cornish pisky and half water nymph. It is the water nymph qualities inherited from her mother that have manifested, making her a water elemental. The sensual water nymph allure that attracts males has so far caused her nothing but trouble. When she reached puberty, her grandmother bound the power by covering the energy centers on Cordelia’s body with Celtic symbols. But the water nymph energies are also the source of her healing power so she has never reached her full potential.

The hero of the story, Michael, is an Earth elemental. He is a storyteller and has the gift of glamour, which makes him attractive, and silver tongue, which makes his words persuasive. As the story progresses he discovers a greater power he has inherited from his father, and he gains more control over the energy he channels from the Earth.

We all exhibit characteristics of the four elements, but we tend to favor one. Here is a brief description of the elements’ qualities.

Earth is the mother, the element of birth and renewal. Earth elementals are steady, grounded, and generous, with their feet firmly on the ground. Confident and steadfast, Earth elementals have an instinct for survival, which makes them excellent protectors.

Air elementals are intelligent with great imagination, and can be very persuasive. They are good at conceiving new ideas and seeing changes coming. They have an affinity to music. They may ‘have their heads in the clouds’ and be difficult to pin down. Their spiritual beauty is reflected in the intricate formation of snowflakes.

Water elementals are the nurturers, the calm center that supports loved ones to help them conquer problems. Sensual, graceful, and often very beautiful, Water elementals have strong emotions, and love deeply.

Fire elementals embody passion, enthusiasm, and desire. They are quick and bright, but often emotionally volatile. Forceful and highly opinionated, Fire elementals think they know best. They are considered to be ‘hot blooded’.

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