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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday Spotlight: Pamela Ridley

Whispering mediums and all that jazz

I recently picked up a book by James Van Praagh called Ghosts Among Us. He says, “Death refers only to the end of the physical body.” I agree. Therefore, after death there’s a spirit and a soul that has been disembodied and could conceivably end up in a myriad of places. Maya, a character in Another Memory, is such a spirit. She dies in an airplane crash as an infant, but reappears four years later to comfort her distraught mother. I take some ghostly literary license in that Maya comes back not as a baby, but as the four-year-old she would have been.

From Van Praagh’s book, I learned that Maya is not an earthbound spirit. Such spirits are often troubled and have a hard time communicating, hence they start mischief. Maya is not troubled and doesn’t play pranks. She comes to earth, but travels back and forth to other, non-earthly planes. She fits Van Praagh’s definition of a healing guide. “…this guide assists us with healing energies, helping to promote healing and well-being in our emotional, mental, and physical bodies. We do not need to ask for our guide’s assistance because it knows when we need help.”

While I believe that spirits can make themselves known, I generally keep my psychic and physical distance (unless, of course, I’m writing a book that has a ghostly spirit as a character) because I don’t want them to mess with me. Could be that a “ghost” isn’t a helpful, angelic spirit, like Maya, but a messenger from the dark side. Are you scared yet?

How’s your sixth sense working these days?


Keena Kincaid said...

Good morning, Pamela. Great topic and interesting questions. I know people who have been comforted by the spirit of the recently deceased (a friend of mine's father came to her husband and asked him to take care of her. That's how they learned he was dead) and others who have been led far afield by so-called "guides." I think it's better to keep one's distance, as you say.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pam! I got tingles up my spine at your second to last paragraph. I do think that there are some things best left alone. Perhaps that is why I have never been visited by a spirit? I'm just not receptive enough?

I loved Maya's appearances in "Another Memory". That kind of visitation I could handle (I think).

booklover0226 said...

I've bought one of Van Praagh's books a while ago but never read it. After reading this post, I'm interested in checking it out.

Tracey D

Pam said...

Hey Keena,

Yeah, my grandmother could see ghosts. She called them haints, but I don't remember her saying they spoke to her.

Congratulations on your upcoming book release and thanks for commenting.

Pam said...

Hey Lisa,

There is something to be said about knowing when to leave well enough alone. Opening up that door...well, it's not for the fainthearted.

I'm glad u liked Maya. It's kinda fun to believe love could take that form.

Pam said...

Hi Booklover! Thanks for coming back.
Yeah, Van Praagh is the author/writer of the Ghost Whisperer show on TV. I had never heard of him until I was at the library one day...I think it was a Halloween display that caught my eye, and there his book was.

It's funny though because since then I've read a couple of books that featured ghosts. One was:

And this was the the other one:

CHC said... shouldn't be wary of spirits since you, I, all living people are spirits inhabiting a body.

Pam said...

CHC, good point!

Thanks for the comment. Excellent food for thought.