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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday Spotlight: Pamela Ridley

The stresses of writing can drive one to eat, or who put crumbs on my keyboard??

Oh my! Do you find yourself reaching for culinary delights as you tackle your plot problems? If you do, chances are you’re like me and have a tendency to turn to food to help solve real life as well as story problems. Not to hang out my nonexistent shingle, but, come on, you know I speak the truth.

Well, how does one explain this unnatural relationship with food?

In my case, eating makes me feel good. So does writing, but writing is stressful. It’s not necessarily stressful in a bad way, but stressful in that my heart and feelings get involved as emotions are triggered. Regardless of whether the writing is going well or not so well, food often calls to me.

Food comforts and mitigates my stress level. It doesn’t matter if I have a productive writing day, or if I end up having to confront an uncooperative circumstance in real life or in the virtual life of a story, I want food to be my ally.

Food says, “Wow, you’re awesome, Pam.” Or it says, “Don’t fret. You and me together, we can do this thing!”

Food is a trickster pretending to be a friend. Don’t trust it. It’s in cahoots with the trillion dollar weight management industry that wants you and me under its thumb trying the next diet, appetite suppressant or exercise program.

What’s the solution?

Here are five concrete actions to take:

-Drink water, lots and lots of it

-Put your computer in a room that’s off limits to food (Yes, I know this is a tough one.)

-Use time walking rather than chewing to plot your next move on the pages of your WIP or call someone and talk it out

-If need be, organizations like Food Addicts in Recovery can help

-Write to me and we’ll commiserate


Anonymous said...

Oh I so now what you are talking about! I love to nibble as I write, and it's usually not carrot sticks. It's a habit and a comforting one...but not always so healthy.

Great tips! Especially about drinking lots of water. I never seem to drink enough, so that's a good stategy and it beats down the hunger (or perceived hunger).

Thanks Pam!

Dena said...

Hi Pamela, I'm not a writer but I love sweets especially baked goods, ice cream, and CHOCOLATE. Thanks for the ideas.

Pam said...

Hi Lisa! Hi Dena!

Appreciate u all stopping in and taking the time to comment.
I haven't had any plain water today-egads!It really does help my sense of well-being to keep hydrated.

Dena, sugar is my drug of choice. Sometimes I think I need to walk around with an IV needle attached so I can mainline it. It's horrible to so addicted, so I work on fighting it. :-)

booklover0226 said...

I tend to eat when I'm bored, so I try to keep physically busy and it's helped....but there are times, I just want to inhale a bag of chips!

Tracey D