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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Spotlight: Diana Castilleja

Part of this series that intrigued me was the quadruplet angle. Yes, it has an astronimically high probability quotient, but it can happen. Especially when there's the rumored belief that their dear mom might have had a hand in it, but would you want to ask your mother if she stirred the kettle?

Well, neither did any of my gang. And each one of the four has a unique tale to tell, which kept the entire concept engrossing for me. Another point that made this series so much fun to write was how the four weave in and out of the books in cameo appearances. There's always a chance to reconnect with the brothers and sisters no matter whose story you're reading, and each one is individual, so there's never the sense of feeling lost because you didn't start with Roman's story.

Did I mention the four aren't identical? Yep, not a twin to be had, but they do resemble each other in color and maybe a bit more between Roman and Morgan, but it's their unique qualities, I think, that set them each apart. Their closeness is also a very strong thread through the stories. There's a bond between the four that is an unbreakable undercurrent. That sibling strength becomes apparent in Book 3 and Book 4, which leads us into the topic idea I have for tomorrow.....

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