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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Spotlight: Jennifer Loy

What fantasy genre/character would you choose?

Of all the fantasy genres out there I knew if I ever wrote a fantasy story it would have to be about Mermen. I mean who can resist the idea of a strong sexy man swimming out in a beautiful sea just waiting for you to step into the Shoreline? Besides while I sat on the beaches of Hawaii I had my questions. The sea is full of mysteries and Merpeople are at the top of my list. So I created a world of answers and suspense was definitely in this mixture. After all..Don’t go swimming alone at night, you could snag a Merman!

Shoreline teaser…

I walked farther out and the water touched my thighs. I just took a bath, but I really wanted to swim. I leaned forward and dove in. The cool water surrounded me and I felt alive. Now, this was a vacation. Cool water, no heart attacks,no interruptions. I surfaced and took a deep breath. I smiled and looked at my beach house. It was cozy and—

Something hit hard up against the back of my thighs. I was forced into a back flip as something wrapped around my waist. I struggled for the surface, but I was being pulled down. I panicked and kicked out, but connected with nothing.Something gripped me tightly and I was afraid to know what it was. It didn't feel like teeth and I felt no pain. Bubbles filled the water around me and something held my face. My lungs
filled with air as I descended. I opened my eyes and saw a dark figure in front of me and two others behind it. Stretching my arms up, I grabbed for the surface. Water rushed behind me and a slick mass rubbed up against my back. I was pulled down again, and the figure in front of me lunged toward the other dark silhouettes. A loud, high-pitched sound vibrated around me and my waist was released. The figure in front of me swam away and the two in the distance got closer. My heart pounded as they approached. I turned and pushed as hard as I could in the opposite direction. My ears burned as I struggled upward.

I reached the surface and looked around. My cozy little Lanikai beach house was a dot in the distance.


robynl said...

come on, don't leave me hanging. I have to know what is happening to her.

booklover0226 said...

Jennifer, I just read the excerpt on your website...LOVED IT!!!

I've just placed Shoreline and There Goes the Neighborhood in my online cart!

Tracey D

jenniferloy said...

Robyn and Tracey,
Thanks for posting. :D I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpts. Good luck if you entered the contest and keep in touch with me through my website or facebook to hear about more contests or new releases. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.