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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday Spotlight: Diana Castilleja

Okay, so we know Brooke is a witch. She's actually a strong spellcaster, but until the threats of her story, she never really had to dig deep to find out just what she knew, and how much she remembered from her training. She trained with a beloved if slightly eccentric aunt, and soon learns that her entire future lies in a choice she must make. Nothing like a little pressure, right? That means finding the one man she could love, children, the whole caboodle. Of course, it would have helped her if she knew all of that... But then where would the story be? The catch? The choice doesn't affect just her, but her entire family.

I will admit I'm not very versed in Wicca or any form of magical or pagan arts, so a lot of my fantasy and magic is well... my invention. I do try to find a way to loop it back to an origination point for authenticity. I like making my own rules. Makes them easier to remember too if I make them up. That's one of my quirks as a writer. This was one of the nuances of Brooke's story that was all me: her spells. Yep, completely my invention. I actually had fun writing them. I wanted a flow that had meaning in the book, in the moment.

There is one scene where Brooke is calling on the skills and strengths of her ancestors, being the current embodiment of that lineage. I hope the 'spell' does it justice.

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