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Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Spotlight: Diana Castilleja

Welcome! Thanks to the LASR crew for letting me come in this week and tell you all about my next release! I'm really excited to share this week with everyone. Part of my excitement is the series I have for offer, Aiza Clan Shifter books. I have had this series for years, tweaking and improving as I've learned new things and I've really grown attached to the stories--especially Morgan! But he's later. Yep, I'm a tease.

Brooke is the oldest born daughter in UNBOUND TRUST, a naturalist at heart who discovered she shares more than her lupine tendencies with her family. She also has the natural talent to control the arcane. Yep, she's a witch. And a darned good one at that, but she finds it hard to believe in her own strength and powers for a long time. She's never thought of herself as more than her brothers and sister, all of whom already share some remarkable traits. Being quadruplets for one, and all having the shape-shifter ability to transform to wolf at will. So when an amulet reappears, havoc and chaos are the result. You can't forget the romance for this poor girl either. Mitch is Bram's younger brother, a hunky sweetheart firefighter who knows something is missing in his life, but can't quite figure out what.

Meeting Brooke definitely begins to put it all in a new perspective! But what's a guy to do when he knows his brother is keeping secrets? When he can't seem to forget a stolen kiss from the one woman he can't escape? And no one is willing to fill him in on the oddities happening in the wilderness surrounding them all...


booklover0226 said...

Hi, Diana.

You are a new author to me and by reading your post, I'm ready to start your series.

I look forward in chatting with you this week.

Tracey D

Stacey Smith said...

Sound like a good book.can't wait to read it.

Diana Castilleja said...

Thank you Tracey! Sorry I'm late in replying. The week went off kilter on Monday and I'm finally getting my bearings back.

Thank you Stacey! I hope you enjoy it if you do. :)