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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Author Interview: Denysé Bridger

The Long and the Short of It: LASR is pleased to have Denysé Bridger with us this week. Denysé told me that, in one way or another, she's been writing her entire life. When she watches television, she dreams up new episodes of her favorite show.

"That’s what led me to the phenomenon called Fan Fiction, which is pretty much where I learned my 'craft' as a writer. After writing in the area of 200+ stories for various shows, some scripts, and reams of poetry, I decided on a lark to enter a writing contest. I waffled around on doing it, until 48 hours before the deadline, and at the last minute sat down and wrote the story that came to mind. Much to my surprise, I won a place and my first pro contract! Haven’t stopped since then, really."

And, she really hasn't! She said she's written more books that she can recall. And, she writes a variety of genres –from sweet to erotic romance, from westerns to victorian detectives and Greek mythology.

As Fate Decrees was her first major release and was based on Greek mythology and a romance that transcends time. Bella Signorina was her first sweet romance in years and got its title from a song.

She never has a problem with writer's block. In fact, her problem is just the opposite (she suffers from too many ideas) and she told me that it's just as frustrating in some ways as not being able to write at all.

"I write my notes and move on, knowing that I’ve laid the groundwork – and if there is a time when the ideas dry up – I have all this stuff waiting to be explored and written…. It’s a bit like money in the bank that way," she said.

I asked Denysé to share a little bit about what she's working on now.

I’m working on some wonderful projects at the moment!!! Things I am very, very excited about. The biggest projects involve other people, too. One is a book set in Italy, and the hero in it is an International singing sensation – he is in reality based on a friend of mine who is currently recording his debut CD – a handsome, exciting singer named Riccardo Foresi. He is talented, charming, Italian, and incredibly sexy – perfect hero!

My personal passion is the project I am doing with the wonderful man I adore, and it’s a combination of talents. He is a gifted photographer, and we are crafting a lovely book using his photos, his poetry, and mine – and the resulting love affair is called Amore Senza Confini, which translates into Love Without Limit. I’ve set up a blog, and occasionally we post a piece, and photos, so that people can see what we’re doing. It’s quite magical in many ways, and the romance is pure escapism and beauty.

I’ve also begun a project called “La Casa di Segreti” (The House of Secrets) – and that one will be shared with four other very talented authors. It’s set in Victorian era London, at an unusual brothel. There is a teaser/trailer posted on my blog to whet your appetite and stir your curiosity!! I think it will be quite amazing when it’s all done.

Another special book I’ve just started is one called “Viper’s Nest” and it’s for a soldier in Italy who is awaiting his orders to go to Afghanistan. He’s very generously given me photos to use for a cover later, as well as patiently answered what I am sure are very inane questions to him.

I have a new fantasy novel underway called “An Alteration In Destiny” that is a bit of a modern take on Romeo and Juliet, with the added element of gargoyles and fantasy. Really, there are SO many things in the words right now, it’s hard to keep track of it all!

Denysé always tries to create a world where people can be touched in their hearts and imagination.

"Something that has emerged as a trend with books and movies in recent years is this belief that you have to have a message, or teach a lesson," she said. "We are artists, ultimately, and our job is to create entertainment. Sometimes all a book needs to do is make you feel good and entertain you. A lot of people lose sight of that. Romance is about escape and beauty at its core, and as long as you can create a love story that makes your reader believe and smile, then you’ve done your job well. The elements needed to do that are timeless, strong people who bring passion to the story. Well chosen language and attention to detail of era and attitude is an essential element if you do anything historical in nature."

Along with writing, Denysé also looks after a parent and she's the co-owner of an online magazine called Sensual Treats, along with her partner Heather Gardener.

"The magazine is always free, and has picked up quite a following," she told me. "We’re preparing issue three right now, our Holiday edition, and it will be amazing with the features we have lined up! Fabulous interviews with people like Kelley Armstrong and Lisa Jackson, to name just a couple. The website has some special surprises, too."

She also has a special website for free reads: Romantic Moments which contains both erotic and non-erotic tales.

Writing professionally, she told me, is about 90% perseverance and 10% talent. "You have to believe with everything you've got to withstand the tremendous odds against your success," she said. "That's cold, but it's realistic."

I asked Denysé what advice she would give to a new writer just starting out.

"Listen to strangers about your work when they read it – not your best friend or your family," she told me. "The people who love you have no objectivity, and the people who don’t will be truthful. Your editor is not there to rewrite your work, or crush your spirit, so listen to him/her and learn all you can from the wisdom of people who are in the business. Once a story is done, leave it alone and move on – do not keep re-writing it, or you’ll never move past it. Accept that each book will be better than the one before it, and that no matter how good you are, you will never write a perfect book – it can’t be done by anyone."

You can keep up with Denysé on her blog,

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