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Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Spotlight: Ryshia Kennie

Imagination Rules!

I’ll leave you with thoughts of my favorite holiday. Halloween. I know it’s not officially a holiday. At least not one where stores, schools and businesses close - not that I don’t think they should. On a day when imagination can run wild and the absurd can be completely the norm, what’s not to love!

I have spent many cold evenings getting those cobwebs just right, angling wire from one tree to the next for my assortment of ghouls. Of course the background sounds are key, the clanking of chains and groaning of unearthly creatures must be heard half way down the street – that’s part of the ambiance.

With the yard ready in under an hour it’s time for the front door greeter. Over the years I’ve upgraded from masks to makeup that comes in a well-ordered stack. It’s foolproof in making the most disgusting road wreck on your face, arms, hands – whatever. Blood and bruising works every time in the costume department - add to that possibly a rat burrowing through your neck (don’t ask) and you’re ready to hand out the candy.

And the children love it – well as soon as they get over the first visit! After that, my dangling ghosts and glowing skeletons are expected. One little guy insisted on telling me the year I was dressed as a rotting skeleton, that I wasn’t real. He stamped his foot and persisted in the argument. He won, I didn’t have a hope from the beginning, and he left with a big smile.

While the decorations aren’t state of the art, in the dark they serve their purpose. It’s a hint of what if as creatures flit through the night and tales of the dark side abound and imaginations go wild. Now before I reveal all my secrets, you must excuse me, so I may go and get ready.

Happy Halloween! And thanks for having me.


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campfirestars said...

Good Job, Ryshia! It'm always impressive to see people "playing the part" to the hilt! Cuddos!!

Ryshia Kennie said...

I can't help it. Halloween is truly my fave holiday!

booklover0226 said...

I've enjoyed reading your posts this week. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and stories with us.

Tracey D

Ryshia Kennie said...

You're welcome Tracy - And thanks for letting me know that you were out there listening. I enjoyed reading your comments.