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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday Spotlight: Sandy Lender

Determining the Demeanor of a Dragon By Fantasy Author Sandy Lender

My tagline reads “Some days, I just want the dragon to win.” At appropriate times, I change it to say, “Some days, you just want the dragon to win.” Now, as charming as that seems, there are some dragons you must root against. (Julette from my CHOICES series) There are some slayers you root for (Brendan from my CHOICES series). The question arises: How do you know which dragons are “win” worthy? How do you know to root for the big scaly reptile on the pile o’ treasure versus the guy in the armor (or sans armor) with the sword (or clever ray gun)?

I think the first clue that a dragon could be labeled “good” is if he/she refrains from immediately roasting you when you stumble into his/her lair. If she holds up her head, looks at you quizzically, and challenges you to a riddle contest, you might be okay.

The dragon is only half the equation, though. Some folks pay close attention to the slayer, be he/she a human, elf, dwarf, hobbit, wizard, etc.

Always consider the caliber of the slayer when choosing sides. Some slayers are sympathetic and great. Some are monstrous themselves. The last thing I want to root for is some boisterous braggart who shows up proclaiming the number of drunken orgies he (or she) has participated in while still ridding the countryside of evil beasties because he’s just “all that.” Criminy. In that case, I don’t care if the dragon is good, bad, indifferent, young, old, senile, whatever. Just roast this guy and move on to something else. Like picking his bones out of the dragon’s teeth.

Yes, some days, I just want the dragon to win.


robynl said...

definitely good if he/she doesn't breathe fire upon you when you enter the lair. I'd much sooner get into a riddle competition. LOL.

Sandy Lender said...

being roasted = really bad day

Thanks for stopping in today, Robyn!
Sandy Lender
"Some days, you just want the dragon to win."