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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Spotlight: Joyce and Jim Lavene

The writing life
Being full-time writers is dream many part-time writers cherish. It seems like nothing could be better than to get up and put on your slippers to head to the computer. And while it’s true that writing full-time is great, it’s a lot more work than people seem to understand. Most beginning writers don’t even want to hear about it.

Everyone wants to hear about the book tours and the interviews, the dinners in New York with agents and editors. No one wants to know about the long days and short nights that sometimes accompany writing a book.

The writing life is more than dreaming up stories and putting them into your computer. It’s writing stories on deadlines that sometimes seem impossible to meet. It’s doing revisions on a second story while writing a rough draft on your current story.

Writing for yourself is a lot different than writing for publication. Don’t get us wrong; we love what we do and wouldn’t change a thing. But many times we are amazed at how many beginning writers have no idea about revisions or editorial letters, let alone promotion.

It’s been estimated by many authors that promotion is 90 percent of the job now. We tell writers they become small business owners the minute they begin writing for publication. A business owner is responsible for the product, financing, and marketing. They are the buck-stops-here people for reviewers and readers. Writers should be aware of this before they get started.

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