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Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Spotlight: Sandy Lender

The Amethyst on Chariss’s Cheek By Fantasy Author Sandy Lender

The main character in the CHOICES MEANT FOR GODS fantasy series bears a tiny amethyst birthstone on her cheekbone, high up near the corner of her right eye. You can see it reflecting out of her sword on the cover of CHOICES MEANT FOR GODS. You can see it vividly on the cover of CHOICES MEANT FOR KINGS. I didn’t choose this stone haphazardly.

If you know your Greek mythology, you may remember that the god Bacchus was angry one day and decreed that his tigers would pounce on (and gobble up) the next person that passed his way. The girl passing his way was named Amethyst, and she was going to the temple of the goddess Diana. Diana rushed to her rescue, turning her into a pillar of clear stone rather than letting Bacchus’s tigers munch her down. When Bacchus saw this, he felt contrite (didn’t happen often with him, you know) and poured grape wine over the clear stone as if in an offering. This is how the amethyst gets its lovely color, and why it’s said to “relieve frustrated passions” as well as keep someone from becoming inebriated.

The amethyst stone is said to offer protection and divine connection, both important to the heroine Amanda Chariss in my fantasy series. It is also a stone of transformation, aiding in spiritual journeys and high levels of understanding. While I never go into such story-bogging detail in my fantasy novels, readers familiar with mythology, gemology, mineralogy, or chakra work will recognize the rich symbolism employed in giving Chariss her beautiful birthmark.

I welcome you to learn more about Chariss through the excerpts posted on my website at or from the man who loves her, Nigel Taiman. His blog is located at

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