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Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Spotlight: Joyce and Jim Lavene

Killing people for fun and profit
Writing mysteries is fun. Some people seem to think that killing people in books has to be a serious subject but we tend to disagree.

Humor in the face of terrible tragedies helps balance both real life and fiction. Most stalwart mystery characters have humorous counterparts. Where would Holmes be without Watson?

While it’s true that death isn’t funny, people’s reactions to it are many times humorous. It’s our way of releasing tension and finding a way to get through the pain. We look for the bright spots during the darkest of storms and try to see the light. Writing fiction is no different.

Writing mystery gives our readers something not everyone gets in real life, closure and a sense of justice. The bad guys are always caught and the good guys take care of business. Sure, they may do it with a grin sometimes, but they always get the job one. Don’t you wish you could say the same about real life?

Sometimes when we are asked questions during interviews, people want to know why we’d choose to write books about death and murder. For us, it involves solving the puzzle and putting things right after the unspeakable has happened. Our characters are usually normal people like Peggy Lee in A Corpse for Yew and Jessie Morton in Ghastly Glass who want to help with that process. They find themselves in bad situations sometimes and the only way to cope with those times is to smile.

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Dena said...

Hi J/J, I like the kind of murder mystery books you write. The ones w/out some humor are too dark and not enjoyable for me to read at all.