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Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Spotlight: Candace Morehouse

The Bucket List

I thought it would be appropriate to end my week of guest posts with a bucket list, you know, that list of stuff you want to do before you die? Do you have one?

Here’s mine, but feel free to share yours, too:

1. Meet Gordon Ramsey. I’d love to challenge him to a cooking duel, a la “The F Word”. Maybe meatballs? By the way, if you would like a copy of the e-cookbook, Recipe for Romance, just send me and Email and I’ll be happy to oblige. It includes my recipe for meatballs and a funny excerpt from Suspicion of Love.

2. Drive a race car around the track. Not just those little carts that go around a circle at the indoor amusement park, a real NASCAR car in a real race. Of course, if Jeff Gordon was sitting next to me, I wouldn’t mind a bit. *sigh*

3. Make herbs grow. I don’t know why I can make houseplants flourish but herbs just take one look at me and die. For someone who loves to cook, this is really frustrating.

4. Stay in an old Irish castle. Preferably one with resident ghosts.

5. See my books featured in prominent displays at every bookstore. Guess I’d have to be the next Nora Roberts or Stephen King to accomplish this, but I’m working at it…

Whew! It was a lot of work coming up with five posts. It was a lot of fun. Thanks for reading.

Now that I’m done, I’m going to kick back and enjoy a glass of my favorite beverage, Shiraz wine. Care to join me?

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