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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday Spotlight: Jennifer Johnson

Yes. Silver does turn me on.

My children have been taking swimming lessons at the “Y”. Their teachers are perhaps seventeen years old – so close to men, but so youthful compared to me with the big four-oh breathing down my neck. I sit with the other parents on the benches hugging the walls sucking in chlorine-laden air and pondering the firm beautiful bodies of the teenagers. I examine my thoughts searching for any cougar tendencies or Mrs. Robinson fantasies and find none much to my relief. I consider that my appreciation is for the vision of a healthy young specimen who has been a kind and patient teacher to my offspring.

The children line up at the diving board and jump at one of the teachers in the deep end of the pool. This signals the end of swim lessons for the day. When we arrive home, my husband has supper on the table – chicken spaghetti. This year he will turn forty-seven. His hair which used to be dishwater blond is silver at his temples. Not gray; silver. Sometimes I watch him in the morning before he wakes up – the crow's feet next to his closed eyes, the dark stubble of beard not yet turned by time. I feel the stirrings of lust, and I am thankful.

The gratitude isn't because I'm lusting after my own husband. Lust at thirty-nine originates in gratitude to a man who still loves me after putting up with me for fourteen years, who fixed the washer last week, who raises his eyebrows lecherously at a body with stretch marks his kids caused, and who considers retirement planning with me worthy of his time.


Magdalena Scott said...

What a lovely post, Jennifer! Definitely suitable to slip into next year's Valentine card to your hubby.

Jennifer Johnson said...

Thanks, Mags. Love - real love - is a long term kind of feeling.

meghan said...

this is accurate...and so touching. love, love, love it. from linda haha.

Lea Acord said...

This is exactly how I feel about my husband also. You captured the essence of true love just as I understand it!

Jennifer Johnson said...

Thanks to "Linda" and her Mom for posting. Love. Love it. Yes. I agree.