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Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Spotlight: Angela Steed

In A Nutshell

Okay, so this is me—Angela Steed; mother, wife, reader, writer, movie critic, cook, and comedian. People often wonder what the meaning of life is. Well I have the answer. It’s happiness. Take me for instance. I love Tillamook cheese. If I could, I’d live in Tillamook and work in the cheese shop for the rest of my life. I’d end up being three hundred pounds, but that’d be okay because I’d be happy.

Although I don’t work in a cheese factory now, I’m still a happy camper. I have my health, an amazing family, and a somewhat adventurous outlook on life. I’m not a bad person. I stick to the rules, mostly. I don’t bother anyone, except for maybe a publisher and agent or two, and quite possibly a few friends I email a million times a day (spam-less). I’m brief and to the point. I’m honest and hard-working. And though my life is basically simple, I love a little spontaneity. Why?—because it doesn’t happen very often.

My day consists of getting up before the break of dawn to play World of Warcraft (Yeah, yeah, insert nerd jokes here). About an hour later I’ll open my latest work and write until my kids get up. The rest of the day is spent working out at the gym, cleaning house, playing with kids, repairing and building computers, and cooking up my latest edible experiment. It’s family time in the evening until my wee one goes to bed. Then it’s time to break out a movie or play my level 71 Night Elf Hunter spec’d for Beast Mastery on a PVP server (Insert more jokes here, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. *grin*). I have a white lion named Toguro that kicks major butt. Ha! Er…anyway, I usually play until a little past midnight or one, and then it’s off to bed. By the way, this is my summer schedule. Everything changes when school starts. That’s when I get more time for World of Warcr…er…more productive things.

So, yeah, spontaneous combustion when it comes to daily life around here. My favorite thing to do, set aside spending waking hours with my family, is write romance novels. I love telling stories. I’m a straight-shooter, a glutton for action, adventure, love, and, yep, spontaneity!

I hope you’ll stick around with me this week. Who knows what things I’ll come up with?


Jake Ten Pas said...

Sounds like WOW needs to find a way to incorporate cheese into its gigantic fantasy world. Perhaps it could be used as currency. Would that lead to cheese farmers that sell their virtual Baby Loaves to other players who don't have the time to amass their own cheesy reserves? That's our long way of saying we enjoyed the post.
Jake Ten Pas
Tillamook Cheese Fan Club
PS: Not sure what else you do online, but if you're Twitter or Facebook inclined, check us out there. You'll have to get up even earlier, but we hope it will be worth it.

Angela Steed said...

Actually, Jake, there are cheese shops in WoW. ;)

Hey! I'm a fan! Thanks for stopping by and best cheesy wishes. hehe

Kimberly said...

Hey, Angela! My hunter is totally spec'd survival :) I never could get the white lion..He's so rare! Anyway, it's good to see your post. I love your new book so much and have a shiny new copy sitting right on my desk as I type.



Angela Steed said...

Tillamook Dairy Cow
Binds when picked up
Requires: Milking (20)
Summons Dairy Cow which serves as a mount. This is a very slow mount.
Cost: 50 Baby Loaves
Can only be used in Oregon.

Hi, Kimberly! I had my Horde friend summon it for me. ;b

I'm so glad you made it here! Thanks for all your support with Assassin's Fall and all my other books. It means so much to me.

Dena said...

Hi Angela, I've never played those fantasy games but everyone says thee a lot of fun.